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Terror News about terrorism - foiled attacks, arrests, threat level etc

And another one?!
"What the hell is wrong with us that we allow these weapons of war and large capacity magazines out on the streets and sidewalks?"

The guy could have had a .22 with 5 round mags and still done the same damage or a revolver, but I suppose a politician has to whine about something to garner votes.
In fact " He used a legally purchased semi-automatic pistol, Sheriff Corpus said."
Way to go Guv, dont let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

Some German media are reporting that the perp is a Syrian national.

Some German media are reporting that the perp is a Syrian national.
Apparently, he's a Palestinian with 12 previous convictions (!). They'd just let him out on bail last week. Much like that "raging" Moroccan in Spain, who'd been due for being deported, or that dude in England who was declared to be a "low risk" to society, only for him to go and murder his entire family. European laws are too freaking lenient. No one with a previous conviction for a violent crime should be freed on their own accord. He shouldn't be granted bail pending trial, and if he's due to be deported he should be arrested until the deed is done.
Police in Belgium say a likely terrorist attack was prevented by the arrest of an armed man outside the venue where the Miss Belgium 2023 contest was being held after receiving a tip off from the suspect's partner earlier in the day. The man wearing body armor was arrested carrying a firearm and having three others in his car, all said to be legally owned.

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TYT aka "The Armenian Genocide Never Happened And I Want To Have Sex With Animals".

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