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I join to find out more about some Australian lads who final resting place if farfromhomein Portsmouth England, back in 2016 on the 100th Anniversary of the battle of the Somme The GWWG commission started a project far from home but not forgotten so we went to our local church and discovered some Australian lads and a couple of New Zealanders who we remember on ANZAC Day and Rememberance day


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My friend, I saw your post on the Internet and I would like to ask, do you know what model the protective vest in the picture is?
Hi, Am trying to get hold of

28TH61ST+ONE :) They posted a pic of a cross with my dads details, trying to find out more, thank you Harriet,

Hi, I was looking for a photo to illustrate my father's diary. I noticed image 31 of military personnel, showing a colour sergeant speaking into a wireless radio. Can you tell me anymore about this image please? Kind regards