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Yeah, I went to a CofE primary and middle school and the local church they were affiliated with is a Low Church - certainly never saw it in any of the ceremonies that the school made us go to. Being honest though, I realised religion wasn't for me a long time ago and my parents never made me get into it so outside of school enforced visits up until I was twelve and then "hatches, matches and dispatches" I don't think I've ever even been to as much as a normal Sunday service - imagine there's an awful lot about it I don't know or haven't seen.
Keeping politics out of the main coronation thread - can't believe Liz Truss got invited. I had more time in the pub last year than she had as Prime Minister.

She got an invite but actual productive inhabitant of 10 Downing Street Larry the Cat didn't.


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My wife watched it so see the horses. Many tossed their heads often. I'm sure that's a trait from the breeding program .
Yeah, my wife normally watches the horses, tell me when she sees one doing something they’re not supposed to do ,when she can see one is stressed or whatnot. This morning, she wasn’t having it. We caught it late, and the first live thing I saw was the house guard beating retreat back into the palace. We watched the snippets of the ceremony afterwards on Sky News.

Queen Camilla appeared rather nervous when the bishop plopped that awfully big crown on her noggin.

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