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Mar 8, 2018
............................ Couldn't make this up .....

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And has the cheek to complain about we folk here in the UK voting to leave the EU etc
The Labour party in NZ has a very shallow talent pool - shallow enough even a todler wouldn't drown. There are about three competent members of her government and she's not one of them.
Economy has been the beneficiary of the high in the commodity cycle and tourism. And long may it continue.
Aussies grumble about their but its going through the era of demanufacturing. Once its through that and has a low wage growth internationally competitive economy like ours the lenders will think that's super.
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The Labour party in NZ has a very shallow talent pool - shallow enough even a todler wouldn't drown. There are about three competent members of her government and she's not one of them.
Between them, NZ First led by ol drunk Uncle and the special needs/Green party its not a coalition that inspires any confidence at all. The almost weekly Ardern family updates in the media are beyond cringy and basically sickening.

NZ First have definitely shown their true colors.
Ardern is living the Womens Weekly dream. She had a baby, got to wear a scarf, got engaged and went to Paris to have some nice photos taken. Beyond that, she's dribblier than a two year old with a biscuit.
Beside her handling of the post Christchurch tragedy I don’t know much about her. I’ll take your words Kiwis for it though. Very few people nowadays are happy with their Presidents/PMs or governments.

“Grass is always greener”...
By the way, isn't her coalition partner actually fairly right-wing? What the heck?
They (NZ First) and Labour are both economic nationalists. In fact even though they'd both hate the comparion, they're pretty close to Donald Trump in terms of being anti free-trade and anti-migrant (except for the good kind of migrants which is whoever they favour on the day).
They have freed up foreign ownership to the point of being easier than in Keys time looking at the Westland dairy sale. Or maybe they hate big capital like fonterra. Maybe taxcinder and Peters are both still unhappy about their Morrinsville slapping. Whatever the truth, it will all end in a dairy sector that ships milk round to whatever factory can offer the best short term price.
Her and her equally illiterate chums stopped an Australian firm from investing in a NZ insurance firm, thus guaranteeing us higher premiums. But hey, at least we didn't have to deal with Australians - they're icky. They also stopped a gold mine from enlarging even after it jumped through all the planning and environmental hoops because - mining is icky. They decided to cripple the 'Naki because resource extraction is icky.

They're a collective of F***-wittery like I haven't seen since the days of Robert Muldoon.
I thought NZ had signed up to the CPTPP or is that just a bye word for some sectors of the NZ economy being protected while others are left to fend for themselves ?
Their policy of handing out money and burning the rest has been unquestionably successful. The wedding and baby dazled the press.
Big businesses face extinction, predicts Thomas Siebel
He believes governments must rein in manipulation of social media networks. "These systems are being weaponized and these companies are becoming more powerful than governments."

Taxcinder backed off any repercussions for FB hosting hatred content after the Christchurch massacre on her own soil. Her opposite in Aussie did the opposite with ten year imprisonment and 10 mill minimum fine or 10% of gross income.

Now Imposing a 5% carbon tax on farmers and public will fund the rest.

Its like here is a problem and I'll solve it using voodoo. Housing crisis promised thousands of homes built and built a handful extra that weren't already going to be built by the previous govt she chided in pre election debates.

I bet if she sat down with firearm owners across the table and discussed an actual strategy to make NZ safer she would have a melt down and it would be anyone's guess as to what she would do next.
Hence the midnight dispossession. She didn't have to actually come up with a working crime solving plan just a aimless attack on legal owners who really had no voice.
Half the problem is that the Police treat theft of a firearm in exactly the same way as they treat theft of a bicycle or laptop - i.e. they don't give a S**t. There are numerous anedotes of people tracking down their stolen firearms and telling the police who has it and where it is, and being told that they didn't have time (or motivation) to investigate.
Meanwhile the head of the Police Union bleats on about how stolen firearms are being used to threaten cops and this is why we shouldn't be allowed any. It's the biggest collection of cognitive dissonence I'm currently aware of.
A south Auckland town that had a large Govt paid for Kiwi build subdivision hasn't sold one house. It needs to be in the news. Yes another example of big Govt getting all excited about its election promises and blowing its wad.
The place has rail connection. Can't get more greenie hipster than that but the train won't come. A brilliant miscalculation.
Stick to infrastructure because they only do that when its dire and been on the to do list for thirty years.
Eventually they will be sold.
Maori tribe in Auckland is demanding the private land be handed over to them to do with historical inhabitant laws in NZ. Big dispute. Marching and all, police lines and the owners are one of NZ's biggest companies.
80% Kiwis say Govt should not hand it back. But thats not the end of the matter politically.
Urerewas which was a national park was handed back ....over 80% are like where the hell is the Urerewas if there was a poll..
And given taxcinders propensity of whimsical midnight laws she has put herself on a very real limb.
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Original confiscation notice.
Confiscating land from rebels was a very common punishment in European societies at the time. c.f. Prussia taking land from Denmark and France.

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