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Starts looking like the SU the last clown system trying to infiltrate, replicate, copy, subdue, antagonize, and all others dirty tricks in the box against the Western system to become the top dog and then just exploit people living in misery forever. Statists doing what statists do. All technological societal innovation is just copied or ineffectively pursued to aid the goal. Stay in power and/or world domination.

They are never interested in things because of their nature.

They just have no values for individuals only state party obeying drone people are accepted.

Their policy reflects that no matter how many Western fools they use to paint the modern innovative society image.

The production miracle is also not what it seems to be.

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Oh now hes dead and mourning is not appreciated.

One of the last sane guys is gone now its becoming more and more stalinistic in China. If it already isn't done to 99 %.

Xi is more akin to Stalin a paranoid guy removing everybody and every opinion not suiting his simpleton Dictator agenda.
Bidens sea wind farms are getting cancelled due to Chinese inflation. Seems absurd really, so whats a little inflation compared to Biden's billions for green ideas. When green ideas meet costs.
The US then should start to build their own. The EU is really fighting hard with China which comes in spies, subsidies production at home and then dumps prices.

But China also goes this way to make that trick possible.

No bankruptcies in Commie China

They are all happily dragged along so no evil capitalists default happens.
Two women in France found a letter INSIDE a pregnancy test Made in China originating from a person in China which must produce these tests as inmates and with forced labour.

He wants to Tell the Story about millions producing day to day goods under slavery conditions.

Mind blowing documentary unfortunately only in German.

Apparently millions of Chinese and thousands of foreigners get arrested under dubious circumstances and must work 12 hours a day for commercial companies from jail.

There are huge industrial complexes dedicated to this "custom".

So long for the "China is like the West we can continue business" yada yada...

A Romanian businessman also tells his story aswell as a British man working for a for a due dilligence company. Both got arrested and spent considerable time in jail.

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Further similar letters have been found inside commercial Made in China products in Europe.
San Francisco was given a cursory cleaning for Comrade Xi's arrival. Homeless and druggies were packed off to less visible places until the visitors were gone. A cadre of sanitation people also used pressure washers to remove druggie poop from sidewalks. After the Chinese leave? Back to biz as usual. :rolleyes:




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This is an eye opener ...never expected Americans to be denied access to a part of Laos thats controlled by the Communists Chinese

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Tianjin - a symbol of China's economic crisis
"All the beautiful empty buildings"
Status: 10.11.2023 06:38 am

Tianjin is one of the most modern and wealthiest cities in China. But it is precisely there that the economic crisis is becoming apparent. Empty skyscrapers are symbolic of the problems the country is facing.

Drive through Tianjin-Binhai by car. An impressive skyline - around 80 kilometers east of the core city of Tianjin. This metropolis of millions is located in the north of China, close to the capital Beijing. Here, skyscrapers stand next to skyscrapers, criss-crossed by wide streets, and the driver tells us a little: "This tower block is empty, that one too, they've stopped building here. He estimates that around 70 percent of the buildings here are empty. This statement cannot be verified. On closer inspection, however, it is indeed noticeable: Many of the buildings are unused or unfinished.

The New York of China? Michael Pettis is an economics professor at Peking University. He quotes a widespread legend. Ten or 15 years ago, a decision was made in Tianjin: We want to become the New York of China, the financial center. "And they asked themselves: What makes New York a financial center? Skyscrapers, that's what it has to be! And so they built as much office space in high-rise buildings along the river as in the whole of Manhattan. And the idea behind it was: once the buildings are there, we'll become like New York. In the end, it didn't work. Now it's a tourist attraction. All the beautiful empty buildings. "Even Chinese state media keep talking about the Manhattan of the East. In contrast to the New York district, however, you hardly ever see people on the street here.

The Goldin Finance 117 skyscraper is the third tallest building in China - and the tallest ruined building in the world.

597 meters: The world's tallest ruined buildingAt the other end of the city, not far from Tianjin South Railway Station, stands a ruined building that has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The Goldin Finance 117 - a skyscraper, 128 floors, 597 meters high. The third tallest building in China, the tallest ruined building in the world, the tower stands alone, all the other buildings in the district are significantly lower. The cladding is missing on large parts of the façade. The skyscraper was never completed. Construction work was stopped in 2015 because the investor ran out of money. Residents say they have got used to it. 25-year-old Chen Guozhen lives right next to the ruined building in an apartment block: "Sometimes I look up, it's really huge. When I go home, I can always look for the building on the horizon first, then I can find my house." She had never seen such a tall building in her home country of Anhui. "When I first came to Tianjin, my father-in-law said it was the tallest building in the city. "The Goldin Finance 117 skyscraper in the west of the city and China's Manhattan in the Binhai district in the far east of Tianjin. Different projects that are nevertheless symbolic of China's economic and real estate crisis. There are ruins and empty buildings all over the country, even entire abandoned ghost towns.

Real estate crisis weighs on the economyOver-indebted real estate developers such as Country Garden and Evergrande are struggling to survive, and construction has been halted on many projects. Buyers of apartments are worried about their investments, as many real estate developers work with advance payments, which are paid before construction begins.After skyrocketing for many years, real estate prices are now falling again in many places in China, including in the modern metropolis of Tianjin with its more than ten million inhabitants. The crisis-ridden real estate sector is weighing heavily on the Chinese economy, as it has accounted for around a quarter of gross domestic product to date. But it is not only real estate developers who are over-indebted; many cities are also running out of money. After all, they used to generate a large part of their income from land sales to real estate companies. Tianjin, one of China's richest cities, hit the headlines this year because the city was unable to pay bus drivers their salaries on time.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Well superpower with the largest building ruin in the World. It has the smell of North Korea already.
Old story ...If your the owners and don't notice the folks running it telling you false sales figures .

Your ethier too stupid or unobservant to notice the outlandish porkies being told

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VW wanted to cooperate with Xpeng on EVs.

But Xpeng loses 13000 €s per car and has other massive problems.

Lets see what comes about after all the usual the West is done legacy auto dead etc. internet propaganda battle.

So far it looks like not much.
Other day I glued together two pieces of rubber, one with chinese super glue from aliexpress the other Gorilla made in USA.
Pulled apart and measured tension on a scale. The aliexpress beat it. But only marginally. They are probably the same glue.

Comparing chinese compound bow to the US. The chinese import US limbs as currently carbon or laminate tech is still better on the US side. Also string material, US is ahead but as far as cnc work, bearings and even innovative features due to lower cost R&D the Chinese are in front.

They haven't managed to copy, steal or given all of the proprietary knowledge but there isn't much remaining.
The Venetians knew how to protect, they would send an assassin compared to these days we promoted the loss.

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