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We were told it was Trump causing division
Well Taxcindie's been in power here for 5 years.
The result...
Sixty-four per cent believed New Zealand as a society had become more divided in the last few years, confirming the sense that division is currently more prominent in New Zealand. And 16 per cent felt the nation had become more united while 20 per cent said it had remained about the same.
National candidate Tama Potaka is the favourite to win the Hamilton West byelection, according to a new poll.

The Taxpayers’ Union/The Working Group Curia poll found 46 per cent of decided voters would vote for Potaka, compared to Labour’s Georgie Dansey at 33 per cent, from a poll of 400 people.

Labour won it last time with an Indian Doctor who then went rogue on her.
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The NZ Blood Service has no way of distinguishing between blood donated by vaccinated people and that donated by those who weren't. So we are left with parents who would rather see their child dead than get a blood transfusion. AKA people not competent to be parents.
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This is New Zealand today. I am ashamed. Thank you Jacinda Ardern, this is you legacy.

Rival blood bank set up in wake of baby donor case would be 'breaking law'​

A group has been setting up a blood bank using directed donor blood in the wake of a court ruling that a baby could receive “vaccinated” blood during open-heart surgery.
But anyone using the would-be rival to NZ Blood Service “wouldn’t be complying with legislation”.
The rival group, called “Liveblood”, said it was “working tirelessly” to let New Zealanders access the “safest, freshest, best directed donor blood” in moments of surgery or emergency.
It also stated in the longer term it was working on having sperm and bone marrow donations and creating a “whole parallel health system that keeps you in control of the choices made about your body”.

National records resounding victory in Hamilton West by-election​

National has taken a comfortable victory in the Hamilton West by-election.
With 100% of the vote counted National’s Tama Potaka had 6629 votes compared to Labour’s Georgie Dansey with 4344, a margin of 2285.
The incumbent Dr Gaurav Sharma received 1156. Sharma said the vote showed that “there’s definitely an antigovernment sentiment” in the result.
Low turnout.
Mr Seymour from the ACT party and therefore an opposition to Labour and Jacinda is according to her an « Arrogant pr*ck ». She mumbled it, the mic recorded it. She apologized. Sincere? IDK.

The various gangs who already make a killing off other illegal drugs are rubbing their hands together with glee. We've already had people go to the effort of smuggling in ciggies when they were legal:

It has a very Demolition Man « we decide what’s good and what’s not » for you plebs and I agree it’s a dangerous precedent.

Former smoker too, except for a rare one during a party.

Next up is alcohol, meat, wearing a helmet when walking because you can be hit by a scooter?

I’m not much a libertarian though, but going as far I see more appeal to those parties, though sadly basically invisible and nonexistent here.
Short and sweet.

Ardern's unexpected announcement:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation shortly after 1pm today, during a press conference at the party retreat in Napier.

She says colleagues who knew her well were not surprised that she, over summer, had decided she would stand down this year.
Once the press stopped being sycophantic in their coverage it was inevitable.
I assume part of the rationale is to give who ever is next a fighting chance to stamp their mark before the election.
At least she can claim having done one good thing during her premiership now …
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