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NZ 's cyclone Gabrielle
  • The largest rainfall accumulation was in Hikuwai, where 488mm of rain fell.
  • A number of other stations (mainly in the ranges) recorded over 400mm.\
Devastated the east coast. Mainly the flood plains where they have built residential and also historic towns.

Bola was wetter and wilder though.

Cyclone Bola, one of the most damaging storms to hit New Zealand, struck Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne–East Cape in March 1988. The weather system slowed as it moved over the area, bringing torrential rain for more than three days.

Worst affected was the hill country behind Gisborne. In places, more than 900 mm of rain fell in 72 hours, and one location had 514 mm in a single day – more rain than parts of Central Otago get in an average year.

The ensuing floods overwhelmed river stopbanks, damaged houses, knocked out bridges and sections of roads and railway lines, and destroyed parts of Gisborne’s main water pipeline. Three people died in a car swept away by floodwaters, and thousands were evacuated from their homes.

I had a look at the eastern Kaimanawa's and it was nothing like Bola or even a hard winter storm.
This Gabrielle, bridges were taken out by dams of that greeny carbon credit forest slash and spreading the flood by backing up the rivers.
This month NZ tax people decide to follow Aussies 20 or 30 year lead on invoices. We can now use our bank statements as proof for purchasing deductible goods and services.
But anything woke and not too many votes lost you can be sure Labour will be first.
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Labours is a streaming mess from the incompetent high flying crash/burn Nash who as minster of forestry proposed to clean up the mess by trying to burn water logged logs that blocked the rivers and flooded property never flooded like it before in human history. He is currently sitting on some commission looking into sterilizing everyone cats. As law his gun banning mates at the cops will be able to take the cat and prosecute if you refuse.

Minister of transports dishonesty over his share portfolio he forgot to declare. Run by his share broker who must have sent the legally required 6 monthly report to someone else. I mean if he can't run his personal shares, so why was he allowed to run the NZ transport system while the roads are potholed and the sea ferrys and trains beakdown.

The inappropriately funded justice minister had to be recused from examining the race relations NGO boss 2 million he had profited in emergency housing grants..

Meng Foon the immigration boss had donated $1500 to the justice minister. He claims complete innocence and forgot to list 2 million in profit as a possible conflict of interest while he sat on a commision into you guessed it ..emergecy housing.. She claims amnesia and her justice minister moral compass thought it would be fine to take the $1500.

As a result of labours lastest idea that any Moari with a health problem goes to the front of a health cue that now extends to private citizens funding their own surgery over in Tijuana Mexico that they are denied by labour's health system in NZ .
Yup just another labour virtue signalling circle jerk.

Chris dumbkins has created a surgery check list that 1 in 10 can qualify.

Acts petition, please sign...

Help End Race-Based Waitlists​

Quietly, and without asking anyone, Labour created a healthcare system which treats people based on their race. Labour is racially discriminating against its own citizens.
Healthcare should be provided based on need. If this was done properly, then the most disadvantaged groups in our society would get the treatment they need.
But rather than fix a broken system Labour chose to make it worse by making race one of the factors that determines your place on health waiting lists.
New Zealanders are sick and tired of race and the Treaty being injected into everything and different groups being given different rights.
ACT will put an end to it. Every New Zealander should have the same rights and equal opportunity – regardless of race, religion, sex, or sexuality.
A Party Vote for ACT in October is a vote to tell Labour: you will not treat people differently because of their race.
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Yep the Justice minister Kiri Allen is the next one floundering on the floor. Had to take leave for mental health after her staff rebelled due to her personality... the Labour train continues onward. Hipkins super polite with Xi.... probably come back with new ideas how to run NZ

Beijing | ANALYSIS: It was not the day Chris Hipkins expected. Having spent most of the morning with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, the prime minister suddenly found himself at the Lakeview Hotel right near the Forbidden City in Central Beijing giving a press conference answering questions about his Justice Minister, Kiri Allan.
Hipkins found himself answering questions about Allan because Stuff had broken a story – while he was in talks with Li – about the Department of Conservation removing a seconded staff member from Allan’s office because of “working relationships”. It’s also understood the National Emergency Management Authority and Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment had raised similar concerns.
It also emerged that Allan had been on leave since the beginning of last week, something Hipkins described as her needing more space before saying he wouldn’t comment on ministers taking time off for personal matters.

Allan has defended herself and her office saying that she works hard and expects her staff and public servants to work hard in order to best serve the New Zealand public. She also posted on Instagram saying that she needed some time off and that the year had taken its toll.
Having answered a barrage of questions, Hipkins then took off to Peking University to deliver a dirge of a speech to eagerly awaiting students. From there he went to a China Southern airline event in which the airline announced it was restarting a route out of Christchurch and adding three more from Auckland to Guangzhou.
Their three waters ballooned to over a billion in bureaucracy fees. National's Simon Watts says the estimated blowout is ludicrous but Minister for Local Government Kieran McAnulty’s office declined to say how much additional money Cabinet agreed to spend.
Like the gun register that Police intend gun owners to pay for.
...Wellington the real mafia capital of NZ
The only cure is vote ACT.
“Taxpayers are going to have a big bill to pay for the Government’s shallow rebrand of Three Waters. The Government needs to be upfront with the costs, if it has even bothered to figure them out,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.
“Yesterday’s changes can be summed up as a new name, six costly new entities to set up, and another two years of expensive consultants working on a policy no one wants.
“However the Government’s rule of ‘affordable’ raises a number of questions. How much will six more entities cost? How many consultants bills will fill the extra two years the Government has given itself? How much will be spend trying to sell Three Waters 2.0 to the public? How much of the alleges savings will actually just be taxpayer subsidies?
“The Government has already spent large trying to sell Three Waters and they failed. Will they be putting similar amounts of taxpayer money into selling the rebrand? In 2021 they spent $3.5 million on an ad campaign that was deemed to be misleading propaganda and taken off air. Will they roll out a new taxpayer funded campaign since the last one was a waste of time and money?
“By December 2022 $94 milllion in taxpayer funding had been spent on Three Waters. What have taxpayers got to show for it? An admission that the policy wasn’t working and a hollow rebrand, at even more cost to taxpayers.
“Three Waters has been a consultant’s banquet. Over $50 million has been spent on contractors and consultants and some agencies have been getting paid an average $3,500 per day since the programme began in 2020. They’ll be jumping for joy to see the programme extended for another two years.
“The Government’s desperation to force through a policy that is ill-thought-out and crammed with divisive co-government has led to poor policy-making. Kiwis pay the price for this. Even the Government’s $1.5 billion bribe to councils has now been pulled off the table.
“Trying to sell this rebrand as ‘affordable’ to taxpayers is disingenuous. Kieran McAnulty uses ropey modelling to claim people will save on their rates bills, but any savings will be paid for by taxpayer funded subsidies. Whether Kiwis are getting fleeced by the Central Government or Local Government doesn’t actually make their bank account balance any better off.
“This rebrand means more costs for taxpayers and the same old problems as before. ACT has shown that these issues can be addressed in a better way. ACT’s Water Infrastructure Plan would:
  • Provide for councils to enter voluntary “shared services” agreements, gaining the benefits of scale, while retaining local ownership and control
  • Establish long term 30-year Central Government-Local Government Partnership agreements to plan water infrastructure upgrades tailored to specific regions
  • Establish Public-Private Partnerships to attract investment from financial entities such as KiwiSaver funds, ACC, iwi investment funds, etc.
  • Expand the exemption from domestic supply for a single dwelling to also include all small water suppliers sup plying fewer than 30 endpoint users.
“We can improve the current system, but we don’t need to do so through state-mandated centralisation and allowing some people to have more influence than others based on their ethnicity.
“Whatever the name is, this policy needs to go.”
Inland revenue govt dept refused an application from a small business owner to review GST on micro businesses set at $60 k turnover a decade ago. Hidden away behind their algorithms they must be immune to the understanding of inflation.
So much for taxing the rich Labour is chasing down charities big and small. They all have to get an accountant to do their books including the small. Accountants like most in Labours regulated world are already snowed under.
Labour wants to tax the rich and sees all businesses as rich, so company tax to goes up for the small. Its the same with Bidenomics..catch everyone else except the real culprits who will simply divert their wealth to a place they can't touch it.
Virtues signalling while wrecking the roots of the economy .
Kiri Allen personality is perfect for running the NZ justice system.
A senior public servant, with decades of experience, says Cabinet Minister Kiritapu Allan “yelled and screamed” so loudly, staff in the office heard the telephone call.
The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they witnessed Allan’s interactions with younger staff members both from government agencies and her Beehive office in a meeting, as well as seeing her “absolutely berate” another official for 20 mins on another occasion.
Allan “strongly refutes” the allegations.
Another former senior official with a long history of public service, has also spoken to Stuff to confirm they had concerns about Allan’s dealing with staff. “Basically low trust and respect of public servants was [the] issue,” they said.

And NEMA’s chief executive Dave Gawn, in a statement, said he “was aware of concerns regarding relationships in the minister's office, and that he understood action was taken to address these concerns.”

That makes four senior public service staff who have spoken publicly about workplace relationships relating to Allan, who is minister for justice and regional development. She formerly held the emergency management portfolio.
On Wednesday, Department of Conservation boss Penny Nelson said she raised concerns with Ministerial Services after one of her staff chose to leave a secondment early in 2022.
Dumkins blames it on taxcindy. Whom fired an Indian MP for complaining about bullying. Lucky for him NZ isn't Russia.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says claims of Kiri Allan treating staff poorly, including that she “yelled and screamed” at a senior official, are from “some time ago” and none constitute “formal complaints”.
Hipkins was once again confronted with questions about alleged issues in minister Kiri Allan's office raised on Friday, as he ended a week-long trade trip in China.
Allan has strongly rejected the allegations, raised by Stuff reporting.
Hipkins said issues with Allan had not been "raised formally through the system, so there haven't been formal complaints, they relate to some time ago”.

“I wasn't the prime minister at that time,” he said.
On Friday, Stuff's reporting referenced a Kānoa meeting which Allan attended. Kānoa is the regional economic development unit within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
This took place during Hipkins' time as Prime Minister. A senior public servant told Stuff the following in regard to a Kānoa meeting: “She wouldn't let me speak in a meeting that I had set up with her to give her a briefing that she'd been asking for...
"The poor staff are sitting there, with other people around the table...like a deer in headlights. She spoke as badly to the Kānoa staff as she did to her own.”
In a statement responding to this, Allan said: “The minister strongly refutes these allegations. No complaints have ever been taken up with MBIE or myself and certainly nothing that resembles these allegations.”
On Friday, Hipkins said it was “very difficult to form judgements on anonymous complaints because there's no ability to investigate them or to look at the facts behind them”.
“So, therefore, I have to work on the feedback that I've had from the chief executive level, which is that they are satisfied that any issues were resolved at the time that were raised.”
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Kiri Allan has resigned as justice minister, after being taken into police custody on Sunday night.

In a statement, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed she was charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest.

Allan resigned as a minister in the early hours of Monday. She was released from police custody at 1am, after being involved in a car crash about 9pm on Sunday.

Hipkins said Allan also blew over the legal limit in a police breath test after the crash, but at a level only considered to be an infringement offence.
ACT’s proposed changes to the personal grievance process will make it fairer and faster for all parties, providing greater certainty and making hiring workers less risky.

The current process is slow, costly, and open to abuse.

The average number of days it takes the Employment Relations Authority to deliver a determination has risen from 54 in 2019 to almost 76 in 2023. The proportion of determinations delivered outside the legislated timeframe of three months has increased from 9 per cent in 2020 to 13 per cent in 2023. The maximum number of days for delivering a determination has exceeded 450 days for every year since 2019.

There is no good reason for these delays. District courts deal with more legally and factually complex matters every day of the week, yet still manage to issue instant decisions.

Waiting on an ERA decision is damaging for all parties involved. It stops both employers and employees being able to move on with their lives and creates massive uncertainty.

Employers can be tripped up by minor procedural issues. Even in situations where the reason the employee got fired is squarely the employee’s fault, the door is open for them to receive some remedies if the employer did not follow the correct process.

Employees who might already know that they deserved to be fired still have a shot at making some money off their employer by tripping them up on procedural matters. Even the threat of raising a personal grievance can be enough to force some employers to offer the employee a pay-out before being dragged through formal processes.

Consider the case of a small construction company who fired an employee after they didn’t turn up to work for eight days. When the employer called the employee to follow up on the absence, the employee yelled at the employer. The employee, who had only been employed for a month, received $5,520 in compensation and wages.

If a matter has made it to the ERA, chances are the employment relationship is irreparable. Forcing the employer to retain an aggrieved employee is almost certainly not in the best interests of the employer, nor is it necessarily healthy for wider workplace relations.

To deliver a fairer and faster personal grievance process, ACT will:

  • Require all ERA decisions to be delivered within a month of the investigation meeting concluding. ACT will ensure that ERA members who fail to meet this KPI will be fired (after going through a fair performance management process).
  • Remove eligibility for remedies if the employee’s behaviour is at fault. Doing so would rebalance the playing field so that both employer and employee behaviour are treated equally.
  • Remove the ability for the ERA to unilaterally reinstate an employee. Remedies that the ERA can award should still include lost wages and compensation, but reinstatement needs to be the employer’s decision.

Personal grievances can impose significant costs on businesses. As one small business owner said: ‘I’m a small business, I’m a single dad with kids to care for. I’ve run this company for 10 years, but it’s not like a company which has millions of dollars sitting in the bank to pay out to people.’

ACT’s changes will bring more fairness in the personal grievance process, while still retaining the protections employees need against poor employer behaviour. These changes will provide greater certainty, make hiring people less risky, and encourage employment growth.
ANALYSIS: After iteratively nudging the door shut to any potential coalition deal involving New Zealand First, ACT Leader David Seymour has finally slammed the door shut, turned the key, fastened the deadbolt and latched the door chain.
There’s no room for Winston Peters in any Cabinet shared with David Seymour.
When asked by Stuff if he categorically rules out working with Peters after the election, Seymour replied, “Yeah, look, it's impossible to see us sitting around the Cabinet table.”
And Seymour left no room for doubt – no twerky wriggle room.
Its about time they sidelined him permanently.

And ‘Campaign Street fighter Peters’ is pulling no punches in his dogged pursuit of the anti-co-governance, anti-woke, anti-mandate, anti–Ardern vote.
It was peters who enabled it all.
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That smoking ban was very typical of the Ardern government. They did exactly zero cost vs. benefit analysis on it. They just assumed that it would be all "benefit" and no costs. Ignoring that even now one of the major aims of people who do ram raids on shops is to grab cigarettes and associated materials. They ignored the vast black market that it would have created. They ignored all the other social costs.
I understand the current base salary of a Kiwi MP is in excess of 160k? Yeah, I too think her mental health is badly affected.
Yeah being female and left-wing she would have gotten a lot of nasty attention from the likes of incels and white supremists. So I have some sympathy for her, even though I don't have much regard for her political views.
Banning of smokes black market for smokes just gave the over extended cops (they recently scored a pathetic1.5 / 10 in a survey licensed firearm owners experiences with police.. a microcosm of life in an inept totalitarian state) instead of educating which simply worked proven by the fall in smoker numbers.

Lib press was ridiculed new govt when it over turned the ban by suggesting the only reason why the ban was terminated was just to get more revenue. Yet they wanted a sugar tax to reduce people using sugar.

Cocaine Kiwis: 'Significant' rise in use and imports of illicit drug
The global supply of cocaine is at a record high, and New Zealand is becoming a hotspot for imports of the drug as South American cartels target comparatively higher prices.

Detective Inspector Albie Alexander of the police’s National Organised Crime Group (NOCG) told Stuff Aotearoa saw a “significant” increase in imports cocaine in 2023, “mirroring what is happening in the rest of the world”.

New Zealand continued to be an attractive destination for the Class A drug from South America, despite the demand being smaller than other drugs like methamphetamine and MDMA, Alexander said.
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Yeah being female and left-wing she would have gotten a lot of nasty attention from the likes of incels and white supremists. So I have some sympathy for her, even though I don't have much regard for her political views.

Likewise as I dislike both of the weird spergs you mention. Hate women because they get rejected like the Eliott Rogers nuts in California then, or the various « White power » people that went on rampage against Jews, blacks, Muslims in America and abroad.

Greens have yet to kill people, but I can’t stand them, especially if they’re associated with modern feminists and the usual « The 50 year old White man is the roots of all evil ».
February's Taxpayers' Union – Curia poll was conducted over the period including Waitangi Day. ACT's proposed Treaty Principles Bill might have been receiving a lot of heat in the media, but it doesn't seem to have done the party any harm in the polls. In fact, these results suggest the opposite.
National is up 2.6 points on our last poll in November 2023 to 39.6% while Labour drops marginally to 27.9% (-0.4 points). ACT is up significantly to 13.7% (+5.6%) while the Greens are down substantially to 9.0% (-4.8 points).

The smaller parties are NZ First on 5.0% (-1.0 points), Te Pāti Māori on 2.3% (-1.1% points), and others combined were on 2.5%.
One of NZ two TV news outlets is closing down leaving only the govt funded version.

Oddly enough the only ally for aiding TV news broadcast is one anti woke news Winston Peters...

Peters is a man of multitudes. Despite his attacks, NZ First was the only party with a plan for the media in its 2023 manifesto, which included forcing tech giants such as Meta and Google to pay for news, government-subsidised internships and a focus on local and regional news.

They do or did have some descent investigative journalists.

But like the other leftwing news CNN, the woke news it is boring and they don't watch it.
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