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NZ 's cyclone Gabrielle
  • The largest rainfall accumulation was in Hikuwai, where 488mm of rain fell.
  • A number of other stations (mainly in the ranges) recorded over 400mm.\
Devastated the east coast. Mainly the flood plains where they have built residential and also historic towns.

Bola was wetter and wilder though.

Cyclone Bola, one of the most damaging storms to hit New Zealand, struck Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne–East Cape in March 1988. The weather system slowed as it moved over the area, bringing torrential rain for more than three days.

Worst affected was the hill country behind Gisborne. In places, more than 900 mm of rain fell in 72 hours, and one location had 514 mm in a single day – more rain than parts of Central Otago get in an average year.

The ensuing floods overwhelmed river stopbanks, damaged houses, knocked out bridges and sections of roads and railway lines, and destroyed parts of Gisborne’s main water pipeline. Three people died in a car swept away by floodwaters, and thousands were evacuated from their homes.

I had a look at the eastern Kaimanawa's and it was nothing like Bola or even a hard winter storm.
This Gabrielle, bridges were taken out by dams of that greeny carbon credit forest slash and spreading the flood by backing up the rivers.
This month NZ tax people decide to follow Aussies 20 or 30 year lead on invoices. We can now use our bank statements as proof for purchasing deductible goods and services.
But anything woke and not too many votes lost you can be sure Labour will be first.
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