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Alec Baldwin's Criminal Charges in Fatal Rust Shooting Will Reportedly Be Dropped, but Investigation Continues;
Armorer Hannah Gutierrez retains involuntary manslaughter charges.

Clearly Alec has better friends than Hannah; and more money, too. This is beyond BS. How can this happen? A rhetorical question. .
I remember in NZ they prosecuted a farmer for beams that broke on a bridge installed by NZ army resulting in a dead bee keeper.
After that farmers locked out visiters. Biig win for justice.

He wanted to kill himself, he wanted to prove how easy it was to buy a gun, and he wanted to highlight a mental health crisis in America

We are basically to the point where gun grabbers are willing to buy guns to kill people in order for guns to be banned.

He wanted to kill himself, he wanted to prove how easy it was to buy a gun, and he wanted to highlight a mental health crisis in America

We are basically to the point where gun grabbers are willing to buy guns to kill people in order for guns to be banned.
NY Post, the DailyMail of US.
NY Post, the DailyMail of US.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but since they are sourcing pretty much all of their claims, I am not really sure about the relevancy of your comment. 🤔
Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but since they are sourcing pretty much all of their claims, I am not really sure about the relevancy of your comment. 🤔
Their source being... Daily Mail.
Their source being... Daily Mail.

And the DM's sources being...? Being...? Yes?

Further more, the trash livestreamed the shooting, repeatedly saying "they won't listen to words or protests, let's see if they hear this".

The fact that these garbage people keep leaving manifestos is a sign that the media contagion theory of mass shootings is exactly right.

Police should stop releasing said manifestos and deny these killers the fame they seek. "Sturgeon reportedly hoped to showcase how easy it was to buy a gun in Kentucky."

Now we have "Gun Sense" mass shooters I guess.

It's not surprising, every whackjob out there of every political persuasion sees mass shootings as a certain avenue to being national news. So why not have unstable gun control activists too? Turning their plea "how many people have to die before you support gun laws" into an actual threat.
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ACT Will Repeal $208m Firearms Register
“The full registration of firearms will be a wasteful and dangerous exercise and ACT will repeal it”, says ACT’s Firearms spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“Yesterday, Police confirmed that a firearms register would be in place from 24 June. This is the result of the Arms Legislation Act that was rushed through Parliament in June 2020 by Labour and NZ First.

“ACT was the only party in Parliament to stand up for firearms owners and vote against the Bill then, and we will continue to stand up for firearms owners now.

“Firearms owners know that this is not a good use of taxpayer money. Overseas experience has shown that full registration of firearms doesn’t work. The cost of Canada’s firearms register blew out to over $2 billion, achieved only limited participation from firearms owners, and was then dumped in 2011.

“Our Government has initially allocated $208 million, but who knows what the final cost will be.

“Like the gun buyback, responsible firearm owners will be forced to comply while gang members carry on their merry way and ignore it. There will be no change to the number of illegal guns on the street.

“The Thorpe Report in 1997 stated that unless there is 90 per cent compliance it is never going to work.

“New Zealand has tried a firearms register in the past but it was abandoned after Police failed to maintain it. Police asked for the paper-based register to be abandoned in the 1980s because it had an error rate of 66 per cent.

“Police will say that their new system, once live, is reliable. But the current digital registration system for pistols, restricted weapons, and collector items also has errors.

“Various privacy breaches by Police of firearms owners over the years shows exactly why a firearms register is a terrible idea and why ACT has opposed it from the start. A firearms register, if leaked, will become a steal-to-order list for gangs and criminals. If privacy breaches keep happening then New Zealanders will be less safe.

“ACT understands that some police officers who don’t perform well are moved into the firearms licencing division to get them off the frontline. We need a competent administrator so these failings stop occurring. It’s clear the Police are just not up to the task.

“Gun crime in New Zealand is out of control, but creating a register will do nothing to fix this and once again shows the Government’s focus is on law-abiding firearms owners rather than gangs.

“The Government must abandon its attempt to register every firearm in the country. Centralising this information within an agency which has shown time and again that it cannot be trusted to manage it, cannot be allowed to proceed.

“ACT will repeal full registration of firearms, parts and ammunition, but retain registration of pistols and restricted weapons.”
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an AR-15 is "as heavy as 10 boxes, that you might be moving..." @01:32 and fires .50 cal rounds...
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Huh... but, when he says "a higher caliber bullet coming out of that gun"... how does that work?
Is that a bullet enhancer?
What is the order of magnitude?

Let's say, a standard 5,56x45... what does it turn into?
I read a report from a KC lawyer, the top of the heap in term of legal advice in NZ. His surmation was the NZ firearm owners no longer had any rights. There are stories of confiscated guns not being returned despite court orders to police to return them.

Dear Fellow Shooters,

No evidence for Police claims about firearm register

The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) advises all journalists to be aware that Police have made false and misleading claims in relation to the firearms registry, which will come into effect this weekend.

Police have stated that the registry is needed because the majority of firearms held by criminals are intentionally diverted by licensed firearm owners (also known as straw purchasing). According to available data, this is not true. Police have not supplied any new evidence to support the claim.

COLFO recently asked the Police for information on the number of seized firearms that have been traced to licensed firearm owners, after Police Association President Chris Cahill also claimed criminals sourced most of their firearms from licensed owners. Police said the request could not be fulfilled because they do not collect the data. Therefore, the Police do not have data to support what they are telling journalists. COLFO has complained to the ombudsman.

Historic material provided by Police in response to OIA requests shows that only one effort has been made to track the source of firearms seized from criminals. That was a study of seized firearms from a 6-month period in 2015, which found only 6% came from licensed owners.

Police may cite to you a recent investigation into straw purchasers. This is evidence only that some straw purchasers existed before the investigation. It is not evidence that LFOs are the main source of criminal firearms. The investigation explicitly looked for straw buyers and found them, it did not investigate other methods of illegal firearm supply such as importation or homemade firearms.

There is a long history of Police claiming licensed firearm owners are the main source of firearms for criminals, without the evidence to back it up. See a full history with all relevant data COLFO has collected from Police at the bottom of this advisory.

Canada’s firearm registry was scrapped because it failed

On RNZ this morning, anti-firearm advocate used Canada’s scrapped firearm register to claim New Zealand needed one because Canada’s gun-crime had increased.
They ignored that it was scrapped because it was not stopping the rise in gun-crime. Moreover, it was plagued with out-of-date addresses, double ups in serial numbers and incomplete records. The cost blew out to $2 billion and was having little discernible impact on gun crime. From 1997 to 2005, while the register was in place, only 13% of the guns used in homicides were registered to an owner. So 87% of firearm homicides were committed with unregistered firearms, and the 13% that involved registered firearms were clearly not prevented by the register. The register was scrapped due to the extreme cost and lack of effect it was having on gun crime. Read more here and here.

Conclusion: If Police claim to you that licensed firearm owners are the main source of firearms for criminals, they must provide the evidence to support it.

Police have incorrectly claimed firearm owners are the primary source of guns for criminals since 2019.

In the decade of 2010-2020 the number of seized firearms was approximately 13,000. Based on the 2015 study, about 780 would have been sourced from licenced owners. OIA responses from Police show that about 300 (2% of the seized number) illegally owned firearms were found to be stolen and returned to their owners. Over the same 2010-2020 period there were 6,000 firearms stolen from about 2000 licenced owners – not even half of those seized.
It is clear from the number of firearms being stolen, and those recovered and identified as coming from LFOs, that there are tens of thousands of firearms illegally possessed, and most must not originate from LFOs.

COLFO’s enquiry started in 2019 when the Police Association and then Commissioner Bush made the claim, based on documents originally presented to the 2017 Law and Order select committee.
The guidance given to the Select Committee stated “Sources of Illegally obtained firearms – Burglaries or theft from individuals or dealers’ premises is the primary source of illegally obtained firearms, followed by those sold to non-licensed people by legal owners or dealers.”

COLFO requested information that supported the statement and were supplied with intelligence summary reports 2015 (Firearms and Organised Crime: Illicit Supply, Possession and Use) and 2016 (Firearms Availability in New Zealand).

The 2016 report said “Burglary from licensed firearms owners is likely to be the primary source of firearms for criminals, although this has never been established definitively. ” [our emphasis].

“Police have made this claim repeatedly to the Prime Minister and other Ministers for policy development, to Select Committee reviews of legislation, and to the media and public to justify enforcement tactics.

The word ‘LIKELY’ makes a claim of probability. In intelligence circles familiar to Police, the probability assigned to ‘LIKELY’ is 50 - 70%, and means there is tangible direct evidence.

Redacted papers were released to COLFO almost six months after asking in 2020[1]. These included the following reports.
1. New Zealand Police Intelligence Report – Firearms and Organised Crime: Illicit supply, possession and use [2014]
2. Firearms Availability in New Zealand [written by National Intelligence Centre in 2016]
3. Firearms Seizures in Canterbury District (2017)
4. Tamaki Makaurau Unlawful Possession of Firearms and Ammunition (2017)

5. The Prevalence of Unlawful Firearms in New Zealand (2018)

6. Non-Factory Firearms Exhibit Assessments by Police Armoury June - December 2018 (2019)
7. Implications of the Arms Act Amendments on the Gang Environment (2019) - Summary extract.




Best regards,


Kiwis 'needlessly dying' on quad bikes, coroner says​

Close to 100 people have died in quad bike incidents in the past 12 years - including seven deaths last year.
In the 10 years 2008-2017 there were 69 firearms homicides, an average of about seven per year
On that basis quad bikes need to be registered, banned and bent.
According to new fees proposed by Police, it takes a staffer 35 hours of work to process one firearms license application. The finding comes from a new analysis by the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) which compared the wages of Police staff with the newly proposedfees for firearm license holders.

An analysis by COLFO has found Police are set to make over $700 inprofit every time a licensed firearm owner renews their license, paid for by the taxpayer and the license holder themselves. At the current rate of 2,000 license renewalsper month, Police will earn $1.4 million dollars profit every month.

NZ firearm legislation​

In court, Colfo's lawyer Jack Hodder Kings Council said gun and ammunition owners' property rights had been "extinguished".

"All the property rights of value are gone."

"Law experts and gun owners concerned over police use of warrant less search powers​

On New Year's Eve, police used the Search and Surveillance Act to conduct a warrant-less search of the Christchurch home of an anti-government, pro-gun pastor Carl Bromley to seize his gun and ammunition. Police said they had received concerns about a person’s well being.

With no warrant required by using section 18 of the act, officers “ransacked” his home and took his rifle, 500 rounds of ammunition and firearms parts. Bromley has not yet received his gun back from police.

Bromley said he had made no threat with his firearms, felt police violated his privacy and were overly forceful. He questioned whether the search was lawful.

In September, 81-year-old antique gun collector Robert Keenan had 110 guns confiscated along with his licence after police suspected he was supplying guns to gang members.

Before Christmas police wrote to Keenan's lawyer confirming he was not a threat and that he could have his guns back, but said they were concerned his home could be targeted by organised criminal gangs.

But Keenan had died, never knowing his license was being returned.

Keenan’s lawyer, firearms specialist Nicholas Taylor, said he had submitted legal letters for at least 12 firearms license owners after similar raids over the last year, winning the return of weapons for each because there were no legal grounds to remove them.

Taylor said many of the police searches were of elderly men, who lived alone, and he believed it was a trend.

A police spokesperson said: “I can tell you definitively that police do not have a policy targeting older gun owners.”

Taylor said he wanted an independent authority to investigate which gun owners warranted home searches by police, as such raids could amount to a breach of privacy and the Bill of Rights.

“Police are not particularly great administrators, and why should they be. We need an independent authority overlooking these.”

The Search and Surveillance Act 2012 allows police to conduct warrant-less searches if they suspect a gun license owner is of danger to themselves or the community.

A police officer in charge of a search can seek permission from an issuing officer either in person, over the phone, or by email.

An issuing officer is authorized by the attorney-general, who can approve any Justice of the Peace, community magistrate, registrar, deputy registrar or other person to act as an issuing officer.

The law allows police to move quickly and initiate and conduct such searches without the oversight of the court.

Christchurch criminal lawyer Anselm Williams said firearms law changes had not made it easier for police to conduct warrant-less searches, but police were taking more interest in gun owners since the 2019 terror attack.

“There is no requirement that the court even know that a search is going to be conducted or has been conducted.”

These powers mean there was risk of putting fit gun owners through unlawful property searches or firearms confiscations, he said.

While police needed to be allowed to do their job, the public also needed to be satisfied they were doing it properly and within the law, he said.

“In cases where a search has been conducted unlawfully, those involved should be held to account.”

There are about 250,000 firearms licensed gun owners in New Zealand. To get a license, Kiwis need to go through police interviewing, gain references and be determined as fit to possess firearms.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch mosque attacks found police had not conducted these in full on the terrorist who killed 51 people.

Superintendent John Price says since the 2019 terror attacks, police have conducted more home searches for prohibited guns.

Canterbury district Superintendent John Price agreed firearms searches had increased.

“The environment that we operate in since March 15 has been heightened. It has changed drastically.

“What we know is if someone had an ideology or a view or opinion on something like March 15, it just escalates – it is like cream rising to the top.”

ACT Party justice spokeswoman Nicole McKee said all gun owners were being treated like “violent gang thugs or ... potential terrorists”.

McKee said cases like Keenan’s were not uncommon and police needed to be careful not to overstep their jurisdiction.

“Yes, we need to make sure firearms are in the hands of fit and proper people, but we need to make sure that power is not being abused.”

Well before the mosque attack, the home of journalist and author of Dirty Politics Nicky Hager was raided by police as part of an investigation into his sources. In 2018, police apologized and acknowledged they breached his rights.

Hager, who is not a gun owner, believed police were out of their depth and the search was a waste of time.

“They took it on like they were investigating a P (methamphetamine) raid, someone selling P.”

Police admitted they inappropriately obtained Hager’s banking information, and that they obtained a search warrant despite him not being “a suspect of any offending”.

Hager said the house search was unpleasant for him and his family, with his daughter having to be accompanied by a female officer to get changed in her bedroom.

“They were doing a drug raid, on territory to do with democracy and rights, that they just weren’t equipped for. It was over the top.”

Former New Zealand Herald and Stuff columnist Rachel Stewart found herself on the wrong side of the new gun laws when in June her .22 rifle was confiscated following a Tweet she made.

Police went to her home without a warrant and handed her documentation telling her she was unfit to hold a licence, confiscating her gun and ammunition.

Police cited a specific tweet, as well as “consistent Twitter posts in which you demonstrate a tendency to exhibit hatred towards the transgender community”.

Stewart said the confiscation came six weeks after the Tweet and showed no urgency.

“How much of a threat was I if they waited that long to confiscate my firearms?”

After making a legal submission her firearms license was posted back a few weeks later."

Contact COLFO lawyers Franks Ogilvie
Contact information
Level 5
Wakefield House
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Wellington 6011
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Main: +64 4 815 8050
Fax: +64 4 815 8039
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On that basis quad bikes need to be registered, banned and bent.

So you keep telling them and they keep ignoring.

Same as the witch hunt against hunters and hunting accidents in which cases most of them just accidentally kill each others.

At some point, we may be required to be wearing helmets just to go for a walk in the park. Nanny states here we go.
They are saying anyone who disagrees with the law is unfit person. Make an anti woke statement and they took the journalist of the years license. Perfectly legally. It is designed to shut down free speech and democracy and they know it so they do what I posted above and laugh about it.
No case of unlawful seizure has been successful ..so far. Lucky for them they aren't in the US.
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Damn ATF... these are very convincing arguments.

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