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Apr 2, 2017
Lithuanian military parade in the old capital of Vilnius, October 15th, 1939

An Abwehr unit composed of Indian volunteers and recruits, the Indische Legion (Indian Legion) was conceived in April 1941 following the arrival in Berlin of Subhas Chandra Bose, the leader of the radical wing of the All-Indian Congress. Bose had escaped from British house arrest in Calcutta with the assistance of both the Abwehr and the NKVD (Soviet People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs). The first members of the legion were drawn from Indian prisoners of war captured in North Africa as well as Indians living in Germany. Further efforts by Bose produced 6,000 additional volunteers, although the nucleus of the new army was limited to 300 people sent to a special training facility at Königsbrück near Dresden.

The main body of the Indische Legion was surreptitiously transferred to Southeast Asia and became part of the failed Japanese invasion of India through Burma. Those soldiers remaining in Europe were absorbed into the Waffen-SS in August 1944.

"In 1943 a Japanese submarine, the I-180, destroyed the freight vessel with two torpedos killing 32 people on board," Mr Lee said.
"The ship sank in minutes with only five crew surviving the attack."
The SS Wollongbar II was one of many vessels lost to enemy assault along the eastern coastline during WWII.




Swiss airforce vs Germans and US
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The not very widely known aerial fighting and bombing that occurred in Switzerland during WWII.
Kuril Islands Landing Operation August 18 - September 1, 1945

Commander of the Japanese defenses of the Kuril Islands Lieutenant General Tsutsumi Fusaki and his staff.

The landing of the Soviet naval infantry.

A group of Soviet naval infantry after the battle, some have American M1 helmet.

A graphic demonstration of the destructive power of the Shiden-Kai’s four 20 mm Type 99 Model 2 cannon. This VMF-113 Corsair, flown by 2Lt Alton Frazer, was photographed immediately upon its return to le Shima after a brutal clash with Sento 301st Hikotai CO, and 25-victory ace, Lt Naoshi Kanno on 22 June 1945. ‘I began to notice that my left wing was disintegrating,’ Frazer later recalled. ‘I heard no shots, i heard no gunfire, but I became visually aware that my left wing was coming apart’

Photo and caption from J2M Raiden and N1K1/2 Shiden/Shiden-Kai Aces (Aircraft of the Aces Book 129) by Yasuho Izawa with Tony Holmes
Any caption? is this guy someone of historical note?

I found them on a dutch site without any notes except this
"Lachen en lollen met de nazi's
HAHA wat een grapjassen zijn het toch"

"Laughing and having fun with the Nazis
HAHA what a joke they are"
Home Guard – National Security Forces (Swedish: Hemvärnet – Nationella skyddsstyrkorna)

Flen, Sweden in 1943
Changing of the Guard, Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen 1940. After the Nazi occupation the Royal Guard changed from the 17th century uniform to field uniform until 1945
October 7, 1920 Poland signed the Suwalki Treaty with Lithuania, recognizing the Vilnius region as part of Lithuania. However, two days after the signing of this treaty, Poland broke the agreement and seized Vilnius and the Vilnius region, which it ruled until 1939.

October 27-29, 1939, after 19 years of occupation of the Vilnius region, the Lithuanian army entered the Lithuanian capital.

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