Photos Yugoslav Wars

200ft underground in the War Room of Yugoslavia's abandoned "NORAD" a huge underground command facility deserted during the wars in the 90s
BOV-3 destroyed by an anti-tank mine by the KLA during Operation Fenix in Koshare in 1998.
A young Croatian soldier was in shock and just staring into the distance after one of his fellow soldiers had been shot by a sniper in front of him. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1993
Members of the recon-sabotage platoon of the 215th Viteška motorized brigade (108th vmbr) in Baići,on the Brčko battlefield, May 1st 1995, during the halting of the Serb offensive "Sadejstvo-95" which had the goal of smashing ARBiH and HVO defense lines in Posavina.

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