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Still a work in progress, but kids do love having their pic taken sitting behind it.
Out walking the dog a couple of months back came across 5 wooden chairs slung out near the bins of an apartment complex
Missing two backs and some dowels carried them home, sanded them down and repainted them, knocked up a small table out of some scrapped wood to use under the pavilion out back, not bad for a bodge if I do say so myself. They probably would have been broken up for fire wood.
Chairs H .jpg
Chairs G.jpg
Chairs F .jpg
Chairs E .jpg
Chairs D .jpg
Chairs C .jpg
Chairs B.jpg

Chairs A.jpg
What did I do this summer :rolleyes:

Just had 6 back to back 14 hour days outside to get this ready before the weather closes in

Ground pipes are 1m in the ground - I have a post hole digger - but they are square - vertical and level - where the blocks are there is a join and another 600mm pipe


That is the first 6 pads done and concreted off
Frame is all 4.8 m lengths of 3" x 4" and 4" x 4" uprights cut with the chop saw - doors are 4" x 2"

It had about 40 ton in bulk bags and a pallet and a half of cement - frost proof additive etc.
(also all the 'hard' rubbish from when we extended the house - so tiles - bricks etc.)

Replaced any bolt supplied with stainless steel - extra ridge bar is for 3 x 6 foot LED IP batons for lighting

Cover was a bit of a nightmare but is now on - still need to sort the side vents - and a door, but it is somewhere else to work in undercover this winter


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