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another fave

DDR Strichtarn. not the best camo, what environment were they envisioning this would be effective in? a drab communist workers paradise? maybe. still cool thoughMil-smile01
every time I look through camo pics, my wallet starts to sweat... do I really need to spend $1k+ on a Rauchtarnmuster zelt?
Got me some berezka for bird watching.


It works extremely well in hazel trees.
In fact it works very ell with any trees/bushes/etc... going through Fall. Even more so, maybe, because it is of rather simple conception: several panels stitched together. And as you can see they are themselves of slightly different shades.
And the KZS, in itself, is a very comfortable piece of equipment.

And some other I have. Some easier to use than others.

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just about any "camo" is effective as long as there is no movement, and as long as the human silhouette is not contrasted with the background...
Of course. But as you stop moving or don`t show your sillhouette on the sky, you may find your camo working better or worse. GDR Strichtarn is a well-chosen solid colour, that seems to work better than some elaborate camo patterns :)
Strichtarn does, indeed, work relatively well.

Of course it has to be used in the proper environment and at the proper time (Fall and Spring forests, early/mid Winter even) to be efficient. You wouldn't expect Europe CE to work in a Saharian desert, or 3 Tone Desert to work in a Finnish pine-tree forest.

This was the camouflaged pattern that was designed for Colombia in 2006, it was called "patriot pixelated" and was used by the 3 military forces until 2012 (Colombian Army, Colombian Navy and Colombian Air Force)

the gray camouflage is the one used by the Colombian Air Force since 2012, we call it Harpy, after the harpy eagle, symbol of our Force

on the left the uniform designed and used by the Colombian Navy which was quite clear in2014, on the right the current uniform, since 2021

and this is the current uniform of the Colombian Army, it was changed as of July 20, it is called Chameleon Bicentennial

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