Funny Things i learned playing war games


Mi Corporal
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Sep 7, 2005
Stuff i learned

1-You can kill all the Germans, but the dogs keep coming
2-Demo charges can be very helpful if you remember the 5 sec timelimit
3-You never run out of ammo-just grenades
4-It take a 2 sec burst to kill the Jap plane, but it takes 10 min to find it at 12,000 ft and in Heavy clouds
5-The flamethrower will catch anything on fire except the tank.
6-if you run from a tank use cover, unless your using the Chuck Norris cheat, by which you can just kick the shell back at the tank
7-the brits are fearless and get moving even with tanks all around, but the US private can get pinned by 1 mg 42 and panic.
8-THE FRENCH CANT FIGHT, only send female resistance agents to blow up choo choo tracks.
9-Night Vision and flashbangs make for a bad day.
10-Saftey in numbers! until u see a frag come over the wall
11-shoot first, then run
12-You only get shot in the back if your running away
13-snipers are everywhere
14-He who camps shuld have balls removed
15-MGs cant hit a thing, but always seem too cut you down on the beach

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