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Shipping to the EU is also down shipping price index sunk by 2000 points.
The smart managers chose the US and rest of teh world

Surprise European manufacturing increase​

Unlike the decrease in orders out of China, trade data analyzed by Project44 indicates that the Europe-to-U.S. route is “one of the possibly most surprising and certainly most significant developments since early 2020,” Brazil said.
“This sharp rise cannot be explained by the pandemic alone. But a strategic shift from over-dependency on trade with China and geopolitical tensions over Russia are the main drivers of the EU-U.S. trade boom,” he said.


The global trading map is being rapidly redrawn, with EU-U.S. trade and investment in U.S. rising sharply as economic ties between the West and China are subjected to critical scrutiny. This year, the U.S. has imported more goods from Europe than China – a big shift from the 2010s, according to Project 44.
“For their part, Europe’s manufacturers battling sky-high energy prices and inflation are increasingly exporting to and investing in the U.S.,” Brazil said.
Germany’s exports to the U.S. were almost 50% higher in September year over year. Germany’s mechanical engineering sector has boosted its exports to the U.S. by almost 20% in a year over year comparison of the first nine months of 2022, according to Project 44.
The CNBC Supply Chain Heat Map data providers are artificial intelligence and predictive analytics company Everstream Analytics; global freight booking platform Freightos, creator of the Freightos Baltic Dry Index; logistics provider OL USA; supply chain intelligence platform FreightWaves; supply chain platform Blume Global; third-party logistics provider Orient Star Group; global maritime analytics provider MarineTraffic; maritime visibility data company Project44; maritime transport data company MDS Transmodal UK; ocean and air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform Xeneta; leading provider of research and analysis Sea-Intelligence ApS; Crane Worldwide Logistics; DHL Global Forwarding; freight logistics provider Seko Logistics; Planet, provider of global, daily satellite imagery and geospatial solutions, and ITS Logistics provides port and rail drayage services in 22 coastal ports and 30 rail ramps throughout North America.
Being taken down by our own greed.
I think they won't make it. It is estimated they would need 1 trillion over a few years to get independent or on par with Western technologies.

Some still think that they will eventually achieve that. But I see it more as China falling back in general innovational terms due to the reason of autocracy and all the other "put my nose in every corner CCP" S**t which exists there. Also lots of chaos and so on its a mess.

Which chips shall they develop anyway? And for what? The great CCP party game 2035 or the Xims for Chinstation 5?

"Planning IC commission plans new chips and games and softwaresfor party Congresss XXIV"

Just read on the respective forums what kind of fans China has in the West, mentally deranged people which think its a trait to paternalize on other people all the time on even the most profane things how/when and what they should do. They argue if there really is the need for cinema for example you also don't die without it. Also its full of gay and western lies.

These idiotic autocracies led by old men are incabable of innovation and efficiency.

Now with these paranoid people controlling the internet who will develop for the CCP? Being a loyal party soldier seldomly comes along with high semiconductor expertise or Einstein like creativity.

I believe these totalitarian entities are just plain lunatics who gave themselves some kind fig leafs to fool the ordinary man into sumbission. May it be whatever floats your boat at the time.

Putin is anti gay woke for example. Xi is a "socialist" wanting the best for the world and getting rid of evil USA.

China on the big losing streak

Investors are moving on, the business climate is sinking: China as an economic partner is coming under increasing pressure

60 percent of all German companies doing business in and with China consider the communist People's Republic to be a worse investment location than before. This is the devastating verdict of a representative company survey conducted by the Chamber of Foreign Trade in Beijing. Such a change of opinion within just one year is very rare among corporations. The disillusionment is strongest in the sector that has so far relied blindly on the Chinese market: among car manufacturers. In fact, around two-thirds of them say that China is a less attractive location.

In addition to many small reasons, there are two very big ones for the rethink: the government's completely failed Covid policy with its disastrous consequences for the economy. And Russia. After Vladimir Putin's empire itself, China is the world's biggest loser in the medium to long term from the invasion of Ukraine. This is not even primarily about the public support of Chinese leaders for the aggressor or the fact that China is stepping in as a supplier of numerous goods that no longer come from the West. Not even the fear of possible secondary sanctions plays much of a role. All this worries, if at all, only German politicians, but not German companies.

Since the use of Russian oil and Russian natural gas as a political weapon, the fear has rather been going around in the German business community that all this could be repeated in the case of China. And that could happen soon, if Xi Jinping actually unleashes his troops on Taiwan. No word is suddenly heard as often as "dependence" when talking to German SMEs about China. As a result, they are now rethinking much more quickly than many large German corporations.

Something is returning to the minds of German entrepreneurs that had almost completely disappeared since the beginning of China's opening policy in 1978: people are asking the system question again. For decades, many entrepreneurs and managers believed that one could simply ignore the character of the regime in Beijing. Neither the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 nor the aggressive foreign policy under Xi Jinping from 2012 onward led to a change in this mindset. Only Russia's invasion of Ukraine led to the necessary shock, which sometimes triggers a realization.

As in the case of Russia, virtually all experts - whether academics or publicists - have been warning for many years against a wrong China strategy. In German politics, too, the number of skeptics has been growing for years - just think of such diverse members of parliament as the Green Reinhard Bütikofer or the Free Democrat Gyde Jensen. Only in the chancellor's office and in corporate headquarters did people stubbornly stick to the course once taken until recently.

Just as there can be no return to the status quo ante in business with Russia, there will be no return to the good old days in China. The country has passed its zenith because the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has shown itself to be structurally incapable of reform when it comes to its absolute monopoly on power. It keeps falling from one extreme to the other, as the last two years have shown: First, a zero-covid policy of raids and disease police to beat citizens into quarantine detention camps. Now the complete failure to protect the population. Those who now still talk about the "great pragmatism" of the Chinese leaders, as was customary in the German economy for decades, are only making fools of themselves.

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Former Harrier Pilot Arrested for Tricking U.S. Into Selling Jet to China​

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Time for tit for tat lock them up in quarantine Hotels with burned food for 3 weeks and spray them with disinfectant after the anal swab test (sarcasm) ?
US EU UK JAP SK IND AUS etc etc plus Justinains CAN ...everyone except NZ require a negative pre travel covid test from chinese.

Taxcindy leading the way.
Her pandemic scientists advise is for the test.
Clearly this must be another of her political choices....China her favorite ally.
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