Photos US and South Korean Forces

An M-39 Armored Utility Vehicle arrives at Baker Company, 1st tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division, with ammunition for their tanks during second battle of Outpost Vegas, Korea, May 29, 1953.
Marines launch a rocket barrage against Chinese Communist forces, 1952

Douglas B-26B Invader close air support - "One of the 3rd Bomb Wing "Grim Reapers" clobbers a Communist-held observation point with napalm during the early months of the Korean war"
Wrecked and overturned M4 Shermans from the 7th Infantry Division at Chosin Reservoir. December 1950
Napalm tanks are filled as a Curtiss C-46 Commando lands on an airfield in South Korea in January 1951
F-86s of the 335th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 5th Air Force. The 335th arrived in Korea on November 10, 1950.
Don W. Murray of Mazon, Ill., flashes a victory smile from the gun blister of his U.S. Air Force B-29 Superfortress after shooting down a Communist jet fighter. Airman Murray shot down the enemy jet during a pre-dawn strike against a Red staff school on the west coast of North Korea, October 8, 1952
An M39 Armored Utility Vehicle, an APC built on the chassis of the M18, moves up to 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines to pick up casualties 25 July 1953 during an attack against Hill 111, also known as "Boulder City"

Aerial view of the battle-scarred terrain around Boulder City, July 1953.

Men of 1st and 7th Marines receive supplies during CCF assaults around Boulder City in July 1953.
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A US Marine during the fighting for the Vegas outpost, 27 March 1953
A Republic F-84E-15-RE Thunderjet from 27th Fighter Escort Group at Taegu, Korea in 1951
Sgt. Albert R. Charleton and 1st Lt. Harry J. Lumani of the 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division put up welcome sign for the newly-arrived Philippines combat troops at Pusan. September 19, 1950
An M45, a rare variant of the M26 Pershing armed with a 105mm howitzer crossing the Kumho River on the way to the Naktong River on September 18, 1950. The M45 was originally designated as the T26E2, with 185 built.
An M46 Patton tank passes through village of Kumko on way to Naktong River in offensive launched against the North Korean forces in that area. September 20, 1950.
Rail targets hit by napalm from a USAF aircraft
An M4 Sherman of the 1st Marine Division fitted with a bulldozer blade is loaded on pontoon barge to be transported across Han River, during offensive launched by U.N. forces against the North Korean enemy troops in that area. September 20, 1950
Multiple 4.5 rocket launcher of the 1st Marine Division being loaded to fire on retreating North Korean forces east of Inchon. September 17, 1950
Men of the 5th Infantry Regiment pose on a Russian-made SU-76 SPG, captured from North Koreans in the Waegwan area. September 20, 1950
Lieutenant Walter M. Schirra, Jr., U.S. Navy pilot on exchange duty with the Fifth Air Force’s 136th Fighter-Bomber Wing, is shown in the cockpit of his U.S. Air Force F-84 “Thunder-jet” in November, 1951. Schirra would later become and Astronaut, and went to space 3 times.
Schirra flew 90 combat missions during the Korean War and is credited with shooting down 2 MiG-15's.

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