Photos US and South Korean Forces

GIs from the 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division bringing Chinese prisoners to the rear on Pork Chop Hill (Hill 255) near Sinhyeon-ri, South Korea on the 38th parallel sometime in 1953. The Chinese belong to either the 67th or 141st Divisions.
A pair of M40 155mm Gun Motor Carriages of Battery B, 937th Field Artillery Battalion, providing fire support to the U.S. Army's 25th Infantry Division in Korea, November 26th, 1951
Republic of Korea (ROK) soldiers march in typical column formation toward the front in August, 1950, during the Pusan Perimeter battle.
Marine passes a cigarette to his buddy, after making it through a canyon road known as "Nightmare Alley" during the first Marine Division's fighting withdraw from the Chosin Reservoir in December 1950.
U.S. Air Force Douglas C-54 Skymaster transport burning in South Korea in June 1950. North Korean fighters destroyed a C-54 at Kimpo airfield on 25 June and one at Suwon airfield on 29 June 1950.
USMC M26 tank west of Masan during Pusan Perimeter engagement, late summer 1950
The damaged destroyer USS Walke (DD-723) in dry dock at Sasebo, Japan, in June 1951. Walke struck a floating mine on 0740 hrs, 12 June 1951, which severely damaged her hull on the port side, killing 26 men and wounded another 35 sailors.
Iowa class battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) main battery plotting room, Korea 17 September 1950
M16 MGMC that was destroyed by North Korean forces during the Battle of Yongsan, September 1950
Grumman F9F-2 Panther fighters of fighter squadron VF-51 "Screaming Eagles" launching from the aircraft carrier USS Essex (CV-9) in 1951.
A conversion of a T-6F into floatplane during the Korean war. (Used from 1950 until it's crash in November 1951)
ROCN T-6F (KN-1) (44-81691) formerly of 6147th (1950 to November 1951).jpg
ROK military police pose before the ruins of a devastated building in Pohang. 17 Oct 1950
South Korean MP near a captured former Soviet BA-64 armored car, 1952
Tank crewmen from the 7th Inf Div take a break for chow, Korea, 24 Jun 1951
A ROK soldier of the 15th Regt., 1st ROK Div., sights through his well-camouflaged .50 cal. machine gun, north of Taegu. 18 September, 1950.
A Bailey Bridge is constructed over a destroyed bridge near the Naktong River by Korean Army Engineers, under the supervision of the KMAG Engineer Advisor. A knocked-out North Korean T-34 tank is under the destroyed bridge. 27 Sep 1950
BAR gunner in a straw hat, unknown date or location
M20 recoilless rifle crew on the Pusan Perimeter in 1950

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