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Apr 17, 2019
Hi all, have posted this separately so it frankly doesn't get lost in the incredibly fast moving Ukraine/Russia threads.
I encourage you all to post verified links to charities from your country that can help with the refugee crisis currently forming in the Ukraine.

If you're in the UK -

Disaster Emergency Committee will double public donations up to a total of 25 million pounds - https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal

British Red Cross - https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appe...o woman in Ukraine&c_code=175149&adg=BRC Site

OXFAM - https://www.oxfam.org.uk/oxfam-in-action/current-emergencies/ukraine-crisis-appeal/
For shits and giggles - for any established forum member from the UK that donates at least £30 to the DEC (First link above) - I'll then donate £5 to the mi.net fund to keep the forum running - https://militaryimages.net/donate/

I know who most of the UK members here are, so I will take you on trust - PM me and tell me you've done it and I'll probably believe you. If I don't know you then it might take a little more evidence but yeah - if you can prove it then I'll still do it.

Fineprint - unless it's going to bankrupt me, then I'll back out like a coward.
Tis done

donation to distasters emrgency.jpg

Don't worry about the £5 mate donate it if you want :)

German Red Cross - you can donate for various projects


Help for refugees since 28 years

Romanian Red Cross


Help for Ukrainian Children

One of the larger ones I think

Blood donations, night vision devices etc.

Medical back packs for frontline use

Polish Caritas, (Catholic Church charity in Poland) English language donation page for help with Ukrainian refugees.


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