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Help keep the lights on

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After many messages from members about supporting Mi.Net I decided to create this donations area. I have for the last 20 years resisted the temptation but I have to admit that running a website such as ours does take an increasingly large amount of money.

Annual servers fees do increase over time and any help however small, will only ease the burden.

In 2023 we nearly lost our site due to funds not being available and it was the members and some guests who came to the rescue and for that I am eternally grateful.

There are other ways that you can support our site too, any member of our site can become an Mi.Net supporter. So if you are a member and are not yet an Mi.Net supporter I would suggest you go to your profile and do that first.

Here is a link to help you along with that

That said the $15 per year may be out of your budget so you could donate a smaller amount using this donation system. As I said even the smallest amount can help keep things moving.

We also have a Patreon account where members or casual viewers can donate on a monthly basis. Their are currently 3 tiers to choose from starting at $5 per month.

You can access our Patreon account HERE

What do we do with money we receive?, well server fees are expensive and constant upgrades are required for yearly memberships to continue access to the latest releases of the software that we use, also new functionality via addons to our software, for example this Donation addon costs $25.

Of course it is not mandatory to donate anything, but the survival of our Military Community depends on your kind donations and will ensure we continue to survive and prosper.

Thank you all for your messages of support and I look forward to seeing you all on our boards



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