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Jan 21, 2002
I was interested to see how many foreign fighters that have taken up arms against Aggression organised by Other States


Another time, place & circumstance who knows, I may be reporting from the front line

I am pro Bexit but also Pro European that sounds like an oxymoron right?, I know but that's how I feel, that said I feel strongly about protecting Europe and its Allies. I cant forget the sacrifices made to protect Europe and its peoples from Tyranny, and I never will give up on Europe, too much has been lost already.

I could go on but had too much to drink, it is after all Easter and when the drinking is over I will start talking sense again. Respect to my brothers & sisters of Europe. And to my brothers and sisters of all non European states, life is far too short, we should get on better.

Happy Easter Mi.Netters :)
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Hundreds? Are they kidding? I have more toes and fingers than there were/are "volunteers" from the West fighting on the Ukrainian side. Also, I have a nagging suspicion that the significant number of those who fought in Ukraine did so not because of ideological or some altruistic reasons, but simply to get "experience on resume" (i.e. snap a few selfies) and get hired as a PMC working for "security contractors" in Africa and the Middle East.

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