Photos Boer wars 1880- 1881 & 1899 - 1902

General Cronjé before Kimberley, with Captain P. T. van der Merwe and his artillery. “Om Piet gave orders that Long Tom should attack Kimberley. Roaring and thundering the gun threw the big shells into Rhodes’s fortifications. Had not Lord Roberts, thanks to his overwhelming forces, just then succeeded in taking the Magersfontein position (15 February 1900), Kimberley would no doubt have succumbed to the terrible fire of the celebrated gun, which, in spire of French’s quick march to the town, was brought away expeditiously and safely, over Bishof"
Memorial at Magersfontein to fallen Scandinavian soldiers from the Battle of Magersfontein
'Hairy Mary Armoured Train', South Africa, circa 1900.

During the Second Boer War, the engine Havelock was prepared to see action while serving on armoured trains. Unlike usual practice in such cases, the engine was not equipped with armour plate protection, but was draped in strands of thick hemp rope which covered it from front to back. This earned the locomotive the apt nickname Hairy Mary amongst the troops
Australian soldiers of C Squadron, 4th Victorian Imperial Bushmen, outside their headquarters in Grahamstown, South Africa, 1901

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