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Operation Barras Sierra Leone 10 September 2000, during the late stages of the nation's civil war. The operation by the Parachute Regiment aimed to release five soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment and their Sierra Leone Army (SLA) liaison officer, who were being held by a militia known as the "West Side Boys"
T-55AMV and T-72 tanks of the Ethiopian army destroyed during the December battles with the Tygraians.
T-55AMV and T-72 tanks Ethiopian army destroyed1.jpg

T-55AMV and T-72 tanks Ethiopian army destroyed2.jpg

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A Somali WSLF fighter with an STG-44 during The Ogaden War, 1977.

The WSLF or The Western Somali Liberation Front was a rebel group fighting to reunite with the rest of Somalia.
Tullio Moneta, an Italian actor and mercenary fought in Congo-Léopoldville during Simba Rebellion in 1964. He was also a second-in-command to Mike Hoare during 1981 Seychelles coup attempt
Private Reece Ordner and Private Mark Hooper both infantry soldiers, stand to on the balcony of Kigali Hospitial, Rwanda, 1995
SNA soldier guards the area around an exploded car bomb in his tactical sleeveless blazer.
A suspected Simba rebel is arrested at gunpoint by Congolese government troops during the Simba Rebellion/Congo Crisis; Boende, Democratic Republic of Congo. Date: October 1964
A child soldier poses with a Libyan helmet, a cigarette and a Soviet-made AK-47 Kalashnikov on April 05, 1987 in Kalait (16th parallel), after the defeat of the Libyan army during the Chadian-Libyan conflict
Somali armed forces conducted an operation at Turdho Village, in LowerJuba and killed 13 Al Shabaab militants, including a leader named Aruriyow Mohamed Omar. Feb 2023
A OTT Puma M26 MRAP of the Burkinabe Forces was destroyed by an IS-Sahel IED in 2023

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