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Soldiers of the 104th Airborne Division returned from Chechnya to the "Main Land", railway station in Cherdakly, Ulyanovsk Region, November 28, 1995.

Photo by Vladimir Lamzin.

Greetings to everyone. A little contribution from my friend's archive. Some of these you could see on Interior Ministry Moscow Department, OMON. Most of the photos are from the 2nd war, if otherwise not signed.

Nightwatch, on the roof near Grozny airport.
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Sign on the wreckage "Zhirinovsky and AGS are with us!"
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Having some fun (same unit, 1st war)
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Fearsome Crocodile
У вертушки.jpg

Rare beast, Ka-50
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Brothers in Arms
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With SpN GRU operators, who, among the other things, provided CSAR for the Ka-50 "Experimental Strike Group". Most right guy is the pilot of Mi-8 that was used by CSAR team.
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"Im kinda sort of celebrity now!"
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"Sergeant Rambovsky"
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This used to be Dudaev's business jet
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Same unit, 1st war
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"We called it "Hotel Palace De Lux" (same unit, 1st war)
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A Chechen girl runs across a debris-covered road (with a destroyed Russian BTR-60 armoured personnel carrier, and a BMP infantry fighting vehicle) (background), in the ruined capital city Grozny, Chechnya Republic of Ichkeria, First Chechen War, August 1996
В бронетанковых войсках
Ни поэзии, ни прозы.
Отпечатан на висках
Бой за новогодний Грозный.

Усов не хватает, ей-богу.

Perhaps it would be better to place this in the "Military Reconstruction" section. Just a collective image of a Russian soldier during the First Chechen War. Later, our club will try to take beautiful photos in the field.
The guitar comes directly from the USSR, according to the former owner, she managed to visit the Afghan war.

Chechen fighters from Hamzat Gelaev's unit in the Caucasus Mountains. Photo taken by English photojournalist Roddy Scott during the second Russian-Chechen war in 2002.
Russian VDV during the Second Chechen War
Defenders of the Presidential Palace in Grozny. January 1995.
Russian soldier near the burnt out ruins of the Presidential Palace, Grozny, breakaway Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. February 17th, 1995.
Russian Interior Ministry soldiers spot check detained Dagestani civilians during a combing operation in the village of Karamakhi in the southern region of Dagestan. Second Russian-Chechen war.

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