Photos WW3 1985 - Team Yankee

Finished a trio of Pansarvärnsrobotbandvagn 551 (PvRbBv 551) anti-tank TOW missile carrier. These can also be used as the Luftvärnsrobotbandvagn 701 (Lvrbv 701) anti air missile carrier with the RBS-70 SAM.


Painted up some RNZAF Skyhawks in the SE Asia 1970's camo pattern they ran until the late 80's/early 90's. Rather pleased that I managed to freehand paint something resembling the No.75 squadron emblem.

I'm slowly building a NZ Army force for the game - got a company of infantry with M113's and some Scorpions so far. Will be adding some UH-1's and maybe some Australian Leopards at some point.






Who can forget the 1980's fast food franchise McPizzaKing and their catchy jingle "Come on down to McPizza King. We've got some things that taste OK".



Battlefront terrain weathered and with a nice logo added.
Thanks for sharing, I just realized that I had read this graphic novel pre joining the US Army, then I went ahead and got the actual book itself. Somehow both got lost over time, but thankfully Amazon hardcover to the rescue. I shall add it back to the collection.
There are a bunch of other books (written by different authors I think) that cover the same war from the Russian, Canadian and West German perspectives.
Thanks but I'm going to pass. At some point in my life I stopped reading fiction books about war to nonfiction WW2 and Vietnam because I went from being on the sidelines to actually being a part of history in the making.

But I have zero problems reclaiming the books of my youth that were read with reproductions. Most of which were Tom Clancy and a few random like Harold Coyle's TY. Red Storm Rising is another that I need to add back to my shelves.
Had a bit of fun on the weekend. Painting up the very last British vehicles for my force - 4 Lynx TOW copters and 4 Harrier GR3. Decided to paint one of the Lynx canopies as a reflection of the environment around it. (on the right my usual lazy canopy technique).

A flight of four Harrier GR3's zooming in to support a British counterattack near Hamburg. 16 August 1985.



Some stuff I've painted up for Team Yankee over the past year or two. Haven't ever played a game as I don't know anyone else in my area who plays it, but I just like painting MERDC cammo.

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I was in the process of moving back from San Diego to Louisiana in 1989 and I had two vehicles and one driven by my Grandmother so I didn't want to let her drive that distance and we just took her car and I had a U-Haul loaded sitting at my Mothers house so I could make a flight back to drive that vehicle. We stopped at friends in Houston and my Grandmother drove on to La after resting and I caught the first flight out back to San Diego from Houston International. In the lobby there was a book stand and I bought the book Team Yankee, I read the entire book while on that flight back. Best book I had read in decades since school. Recently I got my hands on a copy of the old dos game but I have never ran it yet. I doubt the game can be better than the book because I have newer 3d games with the ability to play those scenarios. They are turn based games which I don't really care for but they have great graphics and sound.
I used to have somewhere Sir John Hackett's novel The Third World War on which Team Yankee was based. No idea where it is now, but if I can find it I'm sure I'd enjoy re-reading it.
I'm a bit late to the topic, but I'm truly impressed by the size, and quality of your collection.
Nice job on that Lynx canopy, if I may add a bit of advice, you could try painting a very thin light blue stripe under the sky, and add a thin black line under it with a Rothring pen to demarcate it from the "land". An exemple in the following link