Photos WW3 1985 - Team Yankee

Ah, cool, thank you Kiwi, looks like fun but maybe a bit pricy. Having said that I do play WOT and have sunk some cash in it. This would be fun it seems but you need a game store to play in I assume. I do still like my board games but not many people fancy that and I only had a half dozen friends that knew the games when I played in earnest.
You can get the starter set for US$50 or so. Which comes with three M1 Abrams, a pair of M60 Patton's and a pair of M2 Bradley's. And for the evil side you get 4 T-80's, 3 T-64's and 2 BMP-3 scouts, plus a rulebook, dice etc.

Which is a pretty cheap way of testing it and seeing if you like it with your friends. A standard table size of 6' x 4' is fine for most games (unless you start having dozens of units in which case it'll turn into a parking lot).
Doing something related but a little different.

This Airfix 1/72nd scale Chieftain has been in my possession for over 10 years now so I decided to assemble it. It is very much a product of the time it was made (1970's). The parts fit is terrible and the tracks are the nasty vinyl type. It didn't come with crew so I've borrowed some from an Italeri "Modern NATO troops" set from the 1980's. Just needs some more putty filling in all the gaps and then I can start painting it.

The British get reinforcements.

These are work in progress and nowhere near finished.

Adding enough Chieftain's to make a full squadron. And a pair of M-109 batteries.






Currently (including these) my British Army forces have a full squadron of Chieftain's, a troop of Challengers, 2 batteries of M-109s, 1 battery of Abbots, 1 battery of MLRS, a Lynx airmobile company, a Fox recce troop, and Tracked Rapier section for AA.

Still missing are some FV432's to provide ground transport. And perhaps a Swingfire troop.
Pretty much. I'll paint a dozen or so infantry at a time, or 2-3 vehicles depending on size and complexity.

Those ones above are only about half done.
I thought they might appeal to you. If I do some more of them I'll mark them up as 27 Field Regiment RA.
Finished assembling some more rural terrain for Flames of War/Team Yankee. These are the farmhouses from a Blackpowder Waterloo set.



Finished assembling some more rural terrain for Flames of War/Team Yankee. These are the farmhouses from a Blackpowder Waterloo set.

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Well done The Kiwi. I have build plastic models since the age of 5. Till i got a job. Than came a looong break, but since a few years i am into it again. At first more as a collector, but i have the will to build my (till the moment unbuild), models. But its more the Scale 1/35 and 1/48, the smaller things are to fiddely for me, Because I'm an old fart ;-)
A few of my older models has even survived the decades :)
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Thanks mate.

1/35th scale does have some attractions for older eyes. I have to wear what I call my "dork visor" when painting these days which is a magnification visor - and it does look dorky.
Did a couple of Lynx transports for my British Army force.