Photos WW3 1985 - Team Yankee

Pokemon - got to collect them all....

Decals and weathering applied to my US Army M109's. These are a nightmarish combination of metal and resin. At least there is now a plastic kit for them if I want to expand my US Army artillery.


More US Army stuff decaled and weathered. A pair of M901 TOW missile launchers hide behind a small hill awaiting the opportunity to pop up and fire on the Red horde.



And a pair of M163 PIVADS guard an important crossroad.


All my US Army vehicles weathered and with decals applied.

5 x M1 Abrams (early version with 105mm gun)
4 x M113 Gavins
2 x M2A2 Bradleys
2 x M163 PIVADS AA
2 X M901 TOW Carriers
3 x M109 SPA
2 x AH-1 Cobra



Now I am waiting for the new US Army forces to be released in NZ this month. That adds things like the AH-64, HMMWV and MLRS
It's been a while, but I have been keeping busy.

Painted a US Army infantry company and some HMMWV's, seen here securing a vital crossroad.






And a platoon of LAV75 light tanks passthrough.



Part of Victor Company, 1NZIR on the 14th of August 1985 during Operation Moleskin that pushed the Soviets out of Osnabrück.






The minis were for the Australian army and so have M60's rather than GPMG's and the floppy hats are slightly different from the NZ Army standard. But at 1/100 scale who can tell.
For just a few minutes I was back in the cold war. Not that I am nostalgic or anything, but but but...
I even miss Patric Swayze in Red Dawn - OK I am nostalgic.

And of course: Wonderfull paintjob! And patience...
The Red Army advance to the Rhine is halted as the IKEA at Wülpertinger is secured/looted.




Note the presence of the Red Army Rifle Platoon which I have now finished painting up.
The Soviet soldiers go to do som shopping in IKEA.
The landscape is missing some ruins, burnt cars and trenches. I would recommend to add more "life" to it... ?
I am working on that, but very slowly. Need to finish painting tanks first. Some T-64s and T-80s and BMP-3s to come after Christmas I think. Also lots of Mil-24 Hinds.
If you play games on PC, check out World in Conflict if you haven't done so already.
So the Soviets got some helicopters. These were horrible - and I mean truly truly horrible - models to assemble, especially the rocket pods. Also massive gaps when assembled and generally not a fun experience.

There are four of these Mil-24 Hinds, but I've only taken pictures of one. The green paint cammo was hand painted as it was too much trouble to spray it. I think if I ever do any more of these I'll use paper templates for the cammo.




Need to take some pictures of the UK Tracked Rapier SPAAM and US Army M1A1's I've completed recently too.
Nice detail on the models, very impressive. I still have my board games from when I was a kid...Panzer Leader and Panzer Blitz from Avalon Hill. I see that from your OP that this is also used as a game? Is it anything like the games I mentioned (as in combat, direct fire, indirect fire rules, ect)?
Sort of. The games you mention are of the hex and chit type from recollection. Hex squares for movement and cardboard chits to represent units (or individual vehicles).

Team Yankee is a war game system based on the popular WW2 Flames of War system. There are rules on movement, fire and effect for weapons, morale, artillery, air support and so forth. It's meant to make a normal game last a couple of hours tops rather than a massive focus on realism (for a WW3 game, realism involves soaking the table in petrol and setting fire to everything). if you want some more info.