NKVD troops patroling the streets of Moscow in March 1942
Valentine Mk.III and M3 "Stuart" from the 5th Guards Tank Brigade on the march. North Caucasian Front. 1942.
T-34/76 burning near Klin during the Battle of Moscow in December 1941
Soviet soldiers heading towards Vyborg past the destroyed finnish german-made pak 43 cannon
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M3A1 Stuart with the Soviet 563rd Tank Battalion with a barge load of its brethren after the South Ozereika landings on February 4th 1943
T-34/76 knocked out near a German position on the Eastern Front in early 1942

T-34/76 knocked out on the Eastern Front in the Summer of 1942
M3 Stuart showing multiple rear penetrations and and aluminium melt pool from an intense internal fire near Sevastopol 1944

M3 lee and T-34 at the battle of Kursk

STZ-5 artillery tractor knocked out during the Battle of Kalach in August 1942
T-34/76 tanks knocked out near a German trench on the Eastern Front in early 1943
T-70 light tanks knocked out by German anti-aircraft guns, near Velikiye Luki, Soviet Union, January 1943
M4A2 crew from the 1st Belorussian Front play an accordion and rest during a break in fighting, 1944.
LaGG3 somewhere in the Caucasus. Lettering is Georgian?
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Indeed. It says "Soviet Georgia".

A great quantity of Soviet aircraft ( including the LaGG3 ) were constructed in Georgia at the good old 31st aviation factory, now Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing.
It's the same plant that later built most of the (in)famous Su-25 that exist(ed) and is currently equipping the modern Georgian military. Though mostly with ground vehicles. It is trying to revive that old capability though, with a modernised NATO configured variant of the Su-25.
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BT-7 and T-34 that were destroyed during the German advance on the city of Nemirov during Operation Barbarossa - 1941
An IS-2 supports an infantry assault during street fighting in Berlin, April 1945
Soviet T-28 tank with a blown off secondary turret knocked out on the Eastern Front in 1941
Shattered hull and turret armour on a Soviet BT-5 tank knocked out on the Eastern Front in the Summer of 1941

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