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Mahlwinkel, a pic were you can see how close you could get to the operational helicopters. It amazed us how easy it was to get very close to the aircraft and the many holes in the fence which were used by base personnel and their families to bypass the official gates and take a shortcut to their job or home.


During the open day everything was possible. I don't know if it is a training round or a operational one but nobody cared that I picked it up and posed for a picture

Ribnitz-Damgarten airbase which was then home of a regiment of MiG-29s. For the open day there were several visitors from other bases including this MiG-27 ground attack aircraft. Here also, almost everything was possible, including sitting in it.

19910703_DEU_Brand_1 (3).JPG

And Brand airbase which was also a MiG-27 base, the other ones were Grossenhain and Finsterwalde. In the in the extension of the runway with a view of the flightline was a small lake in which the families of the base population were swimming and sunbathing. It was a good location to look without being harassed by guards. We were just swimming and having a good time. Upon discovering that we came from the ''west'' the girls present showed a lot more interest which was nice until they wanted to marry after three or four letters. The left girl was from somewhere in Ukraine and the other girl from around Moscow. But it is a good story.
THE WIVES OF THE AVIATOR WARRIORS COULD DO EVERYTHING (everyday life of the regiment, the last quarter of the 20th century).

In the fall of 1985, an interesting event took place in our transport regiment. The idea to organize a shooting club from the wives of the officers and warrant officers of the regiment appeared unexpectedly. The initiators were the girls themselves. It was a very interesting way to diversify the garrison everyday life of our women. What if you teach them how to shoot a pistol? After all, after all, we are the wives of the defenders of the homeland and should be able to help them in battle! It was, of course, a joke. but it sounded often. The initiative of the women's council of the regiment and found understanding from the command. There were no discrepancies about the instructor, it was Sasha Goncharenko. Several theoretical sessions and practical simulations with unloaded weapons instilled in the girls confidence that they would cope with the shooting. Finally, you can go to the shooting range. The instructions necessary in such cases have been carried out, weapons and cartridges have been distributed, you can equip the magazine and insert the clip into the pistol. Each stage was supervised by personal instructors, including husbands who could not miss this amazing show. The instructors stayed at the preliminary start. Having received reports on readiness, Sasha allowed the "fire". They all fired five bullets. The record was 45 out of 50 (


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