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  1. Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier during WW2

    Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier during WW2

  2. T

    Video The Pacific turned Men into Monsters

    Video Link Any thoughts or criticism are appreciated. also looking for suggestions on the next topic for a video
  3. colin traveller

    Military People Frozen in Ice , Body of a US Paratrooper found years later

  4. PegAsus

    Video Tiger I Restoration Supercut

    For anyone who is fascinated by german tank technology of WW2 and one of the greatest icons in WW2 These Guys are just great. They had a puzzle of rusty, bent metal pieces and made a tiger out of it!
  5. p013032.jpg


    Five United States Soldiers stand around a captured military sign produced by the German Army, dated July 1944. The sign roughly translated says 'Soldiers surrender, you are surrounded'
  6. Gooseberry Breakwater System

    Gooseberry Breakwater System

    A photo showing ships during the Installation of the "Gooseberry" breakwater system part of the Mulberry Harbours in WW2
  7. Kadir93

    Photos Thompson submachine gun

    In here we are going to post Thompson submachine guns images. US Marine spraying Thompson rounds towards to Japanese positions during WW2. British police officer inspecting Thompson SMG borrowed from US GI's in 1942. Uruguayan soldier firing his Thompson M1 SMG. Germans collecting...
  8. PegAsus

    Question? Swastikas on Finnish military Vehicles in WW2

    Hello Everyone, i wonder about the finnish military, why have they used Swastikas on their tanks and planes? As far as i know, it has nothing to do with Nazi idiology, but how does it come that they were used? Has it something to do with the Viking Heritage? Can anybody explain that to me?
  9. Thomas Victor Green

    Thomas Victor Green

  10. Thomas Victor Green

    Thomas Victor Green

  11. George Walter SAUNDERSON

    George Walter SAUNDERSON

    Ash tree sapling
  12. Alan HOLMES

    Alan HOLMES

  13. V1 Flying Bomb WW2

    V1 Flying Bomb WW2

    Unexploded V1 flying bomb crashed & unexploded somewhere in England
  14. panther tank from above

    panther tank from above

  15. 349F3E4D-DF9B-4980-9891-2BA000F2F5B9.jpeg


    Crashed Heinkel He-111 H or P of 8./KG27 Most likely on the eastern front. The fuselage code seems to be 1G+HS. The men pictured are likely looting the plane.
  16. colin traveller

    Video Last voices of the Checkertails ..

    3rd final part of Checkertail documentry
  17. TigerColor


    Tiger tank in the Eastern Front.
  18. DTA

    Photos Photo album of 31st Army combat operations and atrocities of the Germans in the Kalinin region, 1941

    A German long-range gun was captured by a unit under command of comrade Berezin in battle for the village of Ignatovo, Kalinin region, 12.12.1941 A German car was captured by a unit under command of comrade Atamanov in battle near railroad station Chupriyanovka , 9.12.1941 A German tank...
  19. morris

    Photos Operation Exporter

    Operation Exporter, was the British invasion of Vichy French Syria and Lebanon from June–July 1941, during the Second World War. The Royal Dutch Shell oil depot near Beirut comes under a bombing attack from three Bristol Blenheims of No. 11 Squadron RAF, flying from Aqir, Palestine, at the...
  20. raut

    Photos Conquered Europe or Wehrmacht - foreign tourists

    Good day to everyone and good mood! Dear like-minded people, I decided to create a topic and I hope that it will be interesting. I invite everyone to take part in the study, identifying the images of occupied Europe. I love riddles and the process of solving them. So: the German soldier did and...