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Who would have thought. Jimmy Boi Fellon an abusive narcissist bully.

I'm having problems finding these revelations on MSM sites, though I'm sure that's purely coincidental :rolleyes:

No doubt the media will decide for us that we need to forgive and forget right away instead of having him fired and cancelled.
Considering he was not funny at all since the beggining...
In Australia this lot are called NIMBY's, "Not In My Back Yard" ;)

Yep - Not different in many European countries, the journalists, medias and our elites really embrace social diversity. Those refugees shelters however are nowhere close to the Elysées Palace or 10 Downing Street.
Over in New Zealand Maori are creating their own justice system based on their belief system based on mythology...whereby they can claim air, sea, seabed the land..it was all pulled up from the sea by their mythical ancestor so therefor is real in terms of law...anything they can dream up.
The Law Commission is proposing an expanded role for the Maori Land Court to become a specialist court dealing with broader matters involving Maori customs, values and practices, tikanga.

It is one of the suggestions in a report, He Poutama, commissioned by the Minister of Justice in 2021, on how tikanga relates to what it calls state law – laws passed by Parliament and the common law which is principally judge-made law.

Other suggestions include:

- The High Court appointing a lay tikanga expert (pukenga) to sit alongside the judges when determining issues involving tikanga.
Requiring generalist courts to consider seeking an opinion from the Maori Appellate Court (the appeal court of the Maori Land Court) when an issue of tikanga at law arose.

- Creating specialist tikanga panels of judges within the High Court to hear tikanga-related disputes, as happened with commercial panels.

It also proposed setting up a group of tikanga experts who could work with government agencies when developing new policy and adding a requirement for Cabinet papers to have an assessment of any impact they might have on tikanga.

The commissioner’s report is likely to be seen by critics as a move towards a separate system for Maori and encouraging a contest between tikanga and state law, in which there is no presumption that state law should prevail.
The justice system is merely a self interested abbatior processor, extending the length of the processes is the only requisite.

Apparently they are indigenous to New Zealand according to the UN despite claiming they came for some place called Hawaiki in their mythology.
They trotted off to some UN convention and signed up as indigenous...the UN lapped it up being brain dead.
Genetically they are indigenous to Taiwan. ...Just don't spoil the story.

Hon SIMON POWER (Minister of Justice) : I wish to make a ministerial statement under Standing Order 347 relating to New Zealand’s endorsement of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I seek leave for members to be allowed a slight and reasonable extension on their contributions beyond the 5 minutes envisaged in the Standing Orders if so required.

Mr SPEAKER: Is there any objection to that course being followed? There is no objection.

Hon SIMON POWER: This morning, at 4.45 New Zealand time, 12.45 p.m. New York time, the Minister of Māori Affairs, the Hon Dr Pita Sharples, appeared before the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and announced New Zealand’s support for the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as follows.

“Hei te tini, hei te mano, e rau rangatira mā, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.”

[To the very many, the indefinitely large number, and to the leaders of a hundredfold, greetings, greetings, and greetings to you all.]

“In September 2007, at the United Nations, 143 countries voted in favour of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. New Zealand was one of four countries that voted against the Declaration.
Funnily enough Winston Peters a Maori leading his own political party in NZ (oh the downtrodden) a Deputy PM and acting PM at various times ...told Helen Clarke PM that this all was unconstutional and illegal..she agreed.
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