Should it ever have been held in a Qatar?

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When Qatar doesn't even have a footie league .. and those stadiums are going lie unused for a good long time imo ..

They will be ideal for rounding up opponents of the Emir while the helicopters are prepared for scenic flights over the ocean.
No beer there, not yet forbidden or haram in my living room.

Teams to follow will be the usual, after several World Cup of Spain/Italy/France winning, it’d be fair for a Latin America country to win for a change. Argentina? It’s the last trophy missing to Messi. Wouldn’t mind Brazil either.

England plays Iran, no less next Monday, also playing wales ??????? early in the WC. Not a difficult group.

No one congratulated me yet for this good call before it even started? I am disappoint.

Anyways; like @TheKiwi it’s true that it’s always quite a bummer to lose and end a World Cup failing on those penalty, but that’s also football.

As I said in the above post, I always liked Messi as an athlete and happy for him and Argentina that he can show off a World Cup on a resume.

France won four years ago when Mbappé basically was outplaying everyone. He’s still young and great. Another bet from me is that it shouldn’t be his last trophy, on a world event like that.

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