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Apr 9, 2019
A major world event like that is deserving of its own thread.

Yep, the usual suspects and teams will be followed closely, the All Blacks, the Boks, England, the Wallabies and maybe France.

Regardless of who you root for, this should be a fine competition.

Place your bets. 💵 🏉
I'd like to bet on the All Blacks, but SA looked very dangerous last time we met them. Opening game vs. France will be quite the spectacle.
England, Wales and Australia are all looking woeful at the moment. England aside, I'd like to see Ireland win it and think they're probably in with the best chance they've ever had.
Not convinced England will actually make it out of the group stages - Japan and particularly Argentina could be real problems with the way England have been playing lately.
I was thinking the Bleus could win this one but not to the point of such a stunning victory. The All Blacks just weren’t there, and totally let go in the second half.
Maybe France? They're the favourites at the minute...
I watche England/Argentina last night but I was pretty drunk and talking with friends a lot through it so will give it a rewatch today. Wasn't an ideal way to win a game but going down to 14 men in the opening minutes warranted a change of plan and it worked brilliantly - Argentina seemed completely rattled by it.

As an FYI, I was so drunk because I'd been to watch Coventry (My local second tier team) beat Saracens (Current English champions) - admittedly Saracens didn't have a full team out but was still a great day.
The ending of Wales/Fiji was a heartbreaker.
England and France are doing just fine ATM.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see both go far.

Also fair play to the Darkness for winning and trashing their last opponent in their last match… didn’t start too well for them but never ever underestimate them.
Happy for him, but Cov will miss him.

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Ended on that, 96-0. One sided was an understatement. On the downside, Antoine Dupont left the game on an apparent serious head injury.
Ireland made a statement today that they are 100% contenders for the final.
Not a great weekend for southern hemisphere teams, especially with that display from Wales.
Coventry Rugby's own Pat Pellegrini.

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Going to be a fine and… relatively expected Boks - All Blacks final.

England was dominating throughout. The Boks came back from nowhere to win by an inch.
Is this still going? It's cricket season.

* We're not going very well at that either, but at least we're not England...
I was driving to go clean my car in the next town this afternoon and totally randomly drove next to the Boks official bus here in the northern outskirts of Paris.

They had the whole bus painted in their color and a shitload of gendarmes escorting them to (I assume) inner or closer to Paris for the final.

I’d have loved to take a photo, but not next to the whole gendarmes squad so I just waved at the bus, which the Boks probably didn’t notice or cared much about.
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