Photos vz. 58 around the world

AP-Z 67 from the end of the 1960s in NATO standard

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RPS-001/001S 80-90's era in NATO standard second,but use 5.56 and new flash hider call RungPaiSarn(RPS) and use US M-7 bayonet!
RPS-001 nodify from VZ-58 to 5.56,made by RungPaiSarn company.made prototype unknow number,RPS-001 and RPS-001S for short bareel,new flash hider call RPS and use US M-7 bayonet!company made under ministry of defense,but company close by political game!
In 1986-1987.Czechoslovakia win deal a lot of 5.56 bullets for Thai,China lost.I think Czechoslovakia send VZ-58 to Thai for this gift.
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all products promote poster of company

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pics cut from promote poster

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test weapon show mass media and military


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