Photos US and South Korean Forces

Ensign Jesse L. Brown, 1st African-American USN aviator aboard USS Leyte (CV-32), Nov 1950. He was shot down and KIA over North Korea a few weeks later.
Men of the 3rd Ranger Company, 3rd Infantry Division, adjust their gear before undertaking a dawn patrol across the Imjin River, Korea. April 17, 1951
M24 Chaffee light tanks of the 25th Infantry Divison, U.S. Army, wait for an assault of North Korean T34/85 tanks at Masan. September 1950
Douglas B-26B Invader of the 452nd Bombardment Wing bombing a target in North Korea, May 29, 1951.
Crew of an M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Sherman drying their laundry. 1950.
A PBM Mariner of Fleet Air Wing 6 is hoisted aboard the seaplane tender USS Curtiss (AV-4) after a mine-hunting patrol off North Korea.
A US soldier aims the .30-caliber M1919A4 MG on tripod. 1951
Crewmen use flight deck tractors with power brooms to sweep snow from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Valley Forge (CV-45), during operations off Korea, circa early 1951. A Vought F4U-5N Corsair of Composite Squadron 3 (VC-3), Det. A "Blue Nemesis" is parked in the foreground.

Also visible in the photo is a Douglas AD-4N Skyraider of VC-4 Det.4 "Night Hecklers" and a Sikorsky HO3S-1 of Helicopter Utility Squadron 1 (HU-1), Det. A "Pacific Fleet Angels." These squadrons were assigned to Carrier Air Group 2 (CVG-2) aboard the Valley Forge for a deployment to Korea from December 6, 1950 to May 26, 1951.
F-80Cs of the 8th Fighter-Bomber Group in Korea during the summer of 1950.
A U.S. Army artist's illustration of the Battle of Chipyong-ni

"In February of 1951, the 23d Infantry Combat Team of the 2d Infantry Division, with attached French and Dutch units, while moving forward to attack in advance of the Eighth Army, was cut off and surrounded by overwhelming forces of Chinese Reds in the narrow Korean valley of Chipyong-ni.

The Reds occupied the commanding ridges, while the American commander, Colonel Paul Freeman, isolated far in advance of the general battle line, used a ring of lower hills within the valley itself for his defensive perimeter. For more than three days in near freezing weather the defenders held these positions.

The action pictured is on the fourth day when an American armored unit broke through from the south. At this time the valiant 23d Infantry Combat Team smashed out of the perimeter at the lower end of the valley to break the encirclement, and with its units and most of its equipment intact, rejoined the Eighth Army.

General Matthew B. Ridgway in his official report to a Joint Session of Congress said of this action: "These American fighting men with their French comrades in arms measured up in every way to the battle conduct of the finest troops America or France has produced throughout their national existence."
A Vought F4U-4B Corsair of Fighter Squadron 113 (VF-113) (the "Stingers") flies over UN ships off Incheon, Korea, on September 15, 1950
A Grumman F7F-3N Tigercat night fighter of Marine night fighter squadron VMF(N)-513 'Flying Nightmares' at Wonsan, Korea, in 1952.
Marines hook up a cargo net on a Sikorsky HRS-2 helicopter assigned to Marine transport squadron HMR-161 during "Operation Haylift II", which started on February 23, 1953.
A Pair of M26 Pershing tanks, standing in hull-down positions, near a destroyed North Korean T-34/85. 1950.
Elements of the US 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion, part of the 2nd Infantry Division, fighting a rear-guard action at Kuni-ri, part of the Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River, November/December 1950
Corporal Tony Viator of New Iberia, Louisiana, member of the Division Headquarters, 24th Infantry Division, waits for orders to board a C-47 plane bound for Korea at Ashiya Air Force Base in Japan, 1950.
Men of the 3rd U.S. Rangers, 3rd Infantry Division, advance north of the Imjim River across the 38th Parallel in Korea, while under heavy mortar fire from the Chinese. April 11, 1951
Marines engaged in street fighting during the liberation of Seoul. M4 Sherman Tanks can just be seen in the background. late September 1950
HRS-1s of HMR-161 (Helicopter Transport Squadron 161) flying from the USS Sicily (CVE-118) during "Operation Marlex-5" off the west coast of Korea in the Inchon area. September 1, 1952.
"Never Happen," a B-29A-65-BN Superfortress of the 22nd Bombardment Group on a mission over North Korea. July, 1950.

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