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I thought that was some style of baby long pork at first...
Food delivery services have improved leaps and bounds due to this pandemic.

So it does have a silver lining after all...
week two of this lockdown and my skills in modern warfare has improved slightly, trying to do insanity cardio every other day. sleeping habits is screwed. TP here is not a problem, so I may have to smuggle TPs in Europe to earn a living... Filipino made. Havent shaved too so may start looking like a hobo.
On that toilet paper hoarding (in Finland we call it hamstering, which I like better as a word) they also ran out of toilet paper in few stores.

Funny, considering that Finland is one of the top 10 paper producers in the world, with very small domestic populace to use that paper... So it's more likely that we would end up drowning on that paper if countries are locked down. I think same ridiculousness happened in other top paper production countries.

I think people realized that hoarding is stupid now that it's clear that stores are kept open.
Pasta is still in short supply here, weird, but found some so...
Lost one of our own this week. Nevada Trooper Jenkins was a soldier and airman as well. I was given the solemn honor of standing with my agency honor guard as his remains were transported to and from the coroner’s office.

Please raise a glass for this fallen hero.
On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the Sentinelese who have no idea about the bug and little chance of catching it, and 10 being an old person with the virus in a New York Hospital, in a room over looking a parking lot full of refrigerated trailers, without a ventilator. I'm probably a 2.5 or a 3.
My immediate family are all good, fit, healthy, financially robust enough to get through. I'm still employed, but I'm inter-state and work has decided that we shouldn't be crossing state borders, despite state government making allowances for us to do so.
I've moved to an extended roster at work to minimise air travel and I'm looking at spending my rostered off time in a fairly nice Airbnb by the beach. All nice, but I won't see home until August, October, January? Who knows. Time for a beer.
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So far judging from the news, we maybe extended another 15 to 30 days... thats 1 and a half month of total lock down to 2 months. Holy crap! might just go nuts.
I was about to write "Good morning folks", but how can a morning be good if you are already at the office and you still haven't had a cup of mud?
Batcat will get by, the house up on the corner do most of his care giving, I'm just his side owner...

Batcat, you say?

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