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-Why sudan made T-59/69,AK,RPG from Chinese technology but poorest top ten of the world?
one factor from some factor because not who sale its.
-Pakistan made JF-17 from Chinese super technology but poor like this.
customer is Pakistan 100+,myanmar 16,Nigeria 3,but China not use service?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAC/PAC_JF-17_Thunder
-Colt was bankruptcy,Mcdonald Douglas was bankruptcy,in spite of them most sale M-16 and F-16 for US and around the world why them is bankrucy?
most factor for arms sale dealer

Development defence industry, not need export market. Do you know level defence industry of Nazi Germany, Empire of Japan? They not need export market!

VietNam has Viettel, Vinfast... similar Mitsubishi, Samsung, Hyundai... They manufacturing product both civil and military. VietNam is a big consumer market, help groups of Vietnam development strong.

Example: Factory manufacturing rifle of VietNam, can manufacturing gun both for army and gun for civil (export airsoft, hunter gun, pcp condor, model gun...)
And how long did those production lines stay. Now you keep mentioning th e "poorest" nations, maybe thats why they are poor because they feel like producing at great cost when it is far economical to buy
he should live in north korea lol if he like how they built they own weapon , north korea submarine are just modify not newly built , the ICBM have a lot of Chinese help , heck same for they rocket ( china and America have trade war and china wanted to keep north korea like it is , so they give some tech to made NK under Kim family , the moment NK open up , china will lost influence in NK and Kim family downfall

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