Politics Riots in Kazakhstan - jan 2022



Your point being?

Any concurring info on that?

Officials with alleged "ties" with the alleged "coup" are dropping like flies.



Armenian servicemen from the CSTO peacekeeping contingent are guarding the Aksai bakery in the city of Almaty.
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Look, on the equipment of Armenian soldiers there are wooden plates with the name and rank of a soldier (to find a thing in case of loss or theft).
This is a tradition from the Red Army of the 1930s. This is so cute :3
Mission completed, Russians go home.

Yet only a week ago Blinken to Kazakhstan: "It’s hard to get Russians to leave once they’re in your home".
They don't need to stay, the message has already been conveyed clearly enough: Without the aid of the Kremlin you won't last more than two weeks.
On January 14, 2021, servicemen of the 25th Special Purpose Brigade "Scorpion" of the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan from the CSTO peacekeeping contingent in Kazakhstan returned to Kyrgyzstan.
A column of armored vehicles of the Kyrgyz army left Almaty and reached the Ak-Zhol checkpoint on the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The servicemen are sent to the point of permanent deployment in the city of Tokmok.
25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan9.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan8.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan7.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan6.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan5.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan4.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan3.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan2.jpg25th Special Purpose Brigade %22Scorpion%22 Kyrgyzstan1.jpg

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