40 years ago today, May 2nd 1982, the ARA General Belgrano (Formerly USS Phoenix) is sunk by the British submarine HMS Conqueror, during the Falklands War. She is the largest naval ship to be sunk since WW2 and would remain so until very recently..


The Exocet missiles that hit the Atlantic Conveyor were launched by the Super Etendard 2-A-203 and 2-A-204, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Curilovic and Lieutenant Barraza, respectively.
March 29th 1982: On its second day at sea, the Armada is struck by a storm in the South Atlantic. The Cabo San Antonio, with her flat keel, lists and rolls, and tries to keep track of her accompanying destroyers.

As the storm batters the Argentine fleet, a LARC Amphibious vehicle, one of seven brought for the invasion, breaks loose and almost topples overboard, being saved by herculean efforts
Looking through a Dagger’s gunsight as ‘Laucha 1’ attacks HMS Brilliant during the Falklands War, 1982. The ‘gun cross’ at the top confirms weapons are armed; the radial dial beneath the target indicates a 090° attack heading. As the range rapidly closed, the gunsight (with the bright dot as its ‘pipper’) rose to the hull of the ship and the pilot opened fire with his 30mm cannon; when it passed above the upper deck, he ‘pickled’ his bombs.

"During the war, her two helicopters were involved in successfully attacking the Argentine submarine Santa Fe, and she was the first Royal Navy warship to fire the Sea Wolf missile in action when, on 12 May 1982, she shot down three A-4 Skyhawks.On 21 May 1982 HMS Brilliant came under Argentine air attack outside San Carlos Water and was slightly damaged by cannon fire."

'Laucha 2’s’ strafing, riddled HMS Brilliant’s Operations Room, wounding Lt Cdr Laon Hulme and three others, and knocked out the frigate’s Sea Wolf, Exocet and sonar systems.

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