Photos Turkey -PRE & During WWII

A Turkish cartoon before the second world war
Year 1938

German industrialist Alfred Krupp in Sultanahmet Square.
He spent 3 years in prison during the trial of the Nazis. Via Cengiz Sogutlu

Turkish Infantrymen Resting on Knees
(Original Caption) 5/9/1940-Ankara, Turkey- With the spotlight of war showing indications of swinging towards the Eastern end of the Mediterranean, Turkey is beginning to feel the tension that has been the rule in other parts of Europe for the past half-year. The Turkish army is almost at full war strength and in the event of trouble probably would cooperate with the Allied army of the Near East. Above are Turkish infantryman, shown squatting in a strange position during a "fall-out" on a long march during recent war games

Turkish Officer Inspects His Soldiers
A Turkish officer inspects his soldiers at the Russian Turkish border. December 1939
(Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)


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