Photos Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989

Mujahedeen fighters in northern part of Afghanistan armed with M-16 circa 1987
Kabul Air Base, Afghanistan, January of 1989
At the site of the battle, the search group later discovered Mikhail Tabakov's pouch and a grenade, on which, before going out on a mission, he wrote: "Death to the Afghan fascists."
No disrespect intended, but in the West this kind of stories became ridiculous before I was born. Even our grandmothers would not even try to impress a 5-years old with so primitive propaganda.
I understand that you probably only reprinted the caption that you found with the picture.
My question to you is: would young Russians of the 21th century still swallow such tales, or would they see through it and laugh at the politruk ?
Soviet soldier waves goodbye as he's about to return home after completing his tour of duty in Afghanistan (1986)
Soviet convoy on the move in Panjshir, Afghanistan, August 1988
Soviet column from 345 OPDP (Detached Airborne Regiment) on route to Kabul from Bagram Air Base, 1987-88
Twenty-Year-Old Arifa, a member of the pro-government Women's Unit, guarding their village from mujahideen, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, 1987

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