Question? Elections in Russia


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Mar 16, 2024
Do you think the offensive of the Russian Volunteer Corps on Belgorod and Kursk and the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strikes on oil refineries will affect the elections in Russia?
The result- no, because they are not real elections.

But the attacks are still very embarrassing to putin, as are the strikes on petrochemical sites, which take more than a few days to repair.

I’ve never really understood the Russian fascination with having elections, when they control who is on the ballot, they then still cheat, etc etc. seems a strange psychological need to be like the west.
The "election" doesn't seem to be all that popular. Shown here, a disaffected voter pours green ink into a ballot box. This happened in other places around Russia. I found another pic yesterday of armed soldiers in voting places, but it seems to have been taken down today.

In the article where I found this pic, I saw mention of people "voting remotely". Gosh! An open door for voter fraud? Nah. Couldn't be!
Another vid showing push back to the sham election. Also shows Putler voting online - doesn't mention how many times he voted.
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As a resident of Russia, I can tell you this. I don't believe in elections. In general, it seems to me that it is high time to declare a monarchy and without any rigging we will have a legal tsar, this is the same in fact.

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