Photos Somali National Army

And here is a MiG-15UTI, CC116. Somalia had received them with MiG-17s, but no single-seat Fagot.
Somali MiG-15UTI (CC116) derelicted at Mogadishu.jpgSomali MiG-15UTI (CC116) & MiG-21MF (248) at Mogadishu (~1993).jpgSomali MiG-15UTI (CC116) at Mogadishu (3 March 1993).jpgSomali MiG-15UTI (CC116) derelicted at Mogadishu (2).jpg
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Somali MiG-17 of Hargeisa memorial (12 October 2021)
It was beautifully restored around 2021 before being placed on a new monument.
Somali MiG-17 at Hargeisa (12 October 2021).jpg

And here he is on his new memorial.
Somali MiG-17 on new Hargeisa memorial (~2022).jpg

This monument is a reminder of a sad event that happened during the civil war that led to the independence of Somaliland.
It seems that this Fresco was captured by the rebels after an emergency landing.

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