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At this time, what Somali military aviation is equipped with? Is that supersonic training justified?
At this time, what Somali military aviation is equipped with? Is that supersonic training justified?

Literally with nothing. Also since the Mogadishu governmnet is having hard time to control its only airport in the city I assume we will not see any kind of aircraft in Somalian service in short term. I think its more likely for educational and structural preparedness for the future Air Force commanding personnel. So if they would not lack of training when they are gonna needed. Of course not for the fighter jets but maybe for the COIN aircrafts.

Speaking of the Moghadishu the Turkish Airlines and its sub-company Turkish Cargo are the sole civilian airliners that run regular commercial flights to Mogadishu Aden Adde Airport circa 2007. However after an insurgent attack that was aimed the Turkish ground support vehicles at the airport they are started bringing their own security personal to guard the planes and crew members during their visit to MDQ.

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More photos of the Somalian Military



A very creative way to use the elbow pads I must say.

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Somalian Police


us supported m-47 to somalia,where is its?
i heard us supported some m-47 in pirate war time
blue flag is somali,but green flag is?

The infantry platoon flag

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That's a Panhard AML-90 armoured support vehicle and It also belongs to other AU militaries I believe but definately not the M-47. All of the M-47 Patton tanks in Somalian service which was donated by USA are either destroyed during the civil war or scrapped due to the lack of spare parts and maintenance.

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