1. F.L.

    Photos Nigerian Armed Forces

    Pilots of Alphajets A & E preparing a combat mission :
  2. ayanamitard

    Photos Somali National Army

    I saw a thread about Somalia but let's concentrate on their own military instead of foreign contingents in Somalia
  3. Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-785-0285-14A,_Nordafrika,_Soldat_mit_Sandschutz_Recolored.jpg


    German soldier of the Africa campaign wearing goggles and a dust cover in April 1941
  4. AAR Galileo

    GMW Airforce : Eastern Order of Battle : Soviet/Russia, China, Asia, ...

    Eastern Order of Battle is a web site that contains data on eastern flying technique user military air forces. Since those information were confidential earlier a lot of false data is present in different sources. The purpose of this site is to clarify these details.
  5. saiga

    Article Meet Kinessa Johnson

    Whoa! I´m in love! Badass Afghanistan Vet Helps Rangers Hunt Down Poachers In Africa.
  6. Platoon 13, Oscar Company, 1st South African Infantry Bn

    Platoon 13, Oscar Company, 1st South African Infantry Bn

    This photo was taken during basic training in 1SAI Bn. in March 1988. That's me on the far right, throwing the photographer (our Corporal) a toffee. The Big guy on the left was a real animal and very useful to have around when the going got tough.
  7. Africa Star

    Africa Star

    Awarded for service in North Africa between June 1940 and May 1943. The Royal Navy and Merchant Navy qualified for the award by any service in the Mediterranean or off the Horn of Africa during the qualifying period. Three clasps were issued for wear on the star, only one of which could be worn...
  8. Polish in North Africa

    Polish in North Africa

  9. A LRDG patrol stuck in sand

    A LRDG patrol stuck in sand

    A Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) patrol stuck in sand,United kingdom- North Africa WW11
  10. A LRDG patrol

    A LRDG patrol

    A Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) patrol stop next to a sign stating "milarious area" United kingdom - North Africa WW11