Photos The National Resistance Front

Colonel Hamid Saifi Khan. Took up arms to fight the taliban at the age of 13 with the Northern Alliance. He then joined the Afghan National Army in 2001 where he served for 20 years. Khan now lives in the mountains of northern Afghanistan commanding National resistance front units
Khair Muhammad. Senior NRF leader who led NA forces in the 90s, ANA General, Police Chief. Since U.S withdrawal, Muhammad lived in rough conditions in the northern mountains conducting guerrilla warfare for the past 14 months. Today he and his unit were killed after 30 hour clash

General Muhammad was well-known to the enemy as being a senior leader of the resistance. His body was brought down from the mountains by the Taliban as trophy. Later today his body was brought to his home village of Andarab in Baghlan province where his remains are hanging in the town centre.
Resistance fighters in the Panjshir Valley

Guy with the thermal scope and glasses is General Khalid Amiri. Shorter gentlemen to the right (his left) is General Saleh Mohammad Registani And on the far right you can see Colonel Hamid Khan
KPF/ANAC/KKA/NRF Dagaarwal Khalid Amiri during a gunfight against Taliban. (From summer 2022)

KPF - Khost Protection Force (The CIA’s Afghan Paramilitary)

ANAC - Afghan National Army Commandos

KKA - Kteh Khas (the initial ANA counter terrorist unit that was trained and funded by Central Intelligence Agency).

NRF - National Resistance Front

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