Marine from the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade and a T-90M.


BMPT night work in Kremennaya:

VDV BMD-2's engaging Ukrainian positions around Kremennaya:

Yenisei "engineering reconnaissance":
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Melitopol, sometimes around late February and early March 2022.
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AFU position saturated by auto-cannon fire from a BTR-D w/ZU-23-2, BMD-2, and BMPT Terminator, then reportedly gets captured by RUS forces, Svatovo-Kremennaya Front.

A rare sight of a 2S34 Hosta 120mm SPG.

The Hosta is described as an upgraded 2S1 Gvozdika 122mm howitzer, with a reduced range, a smaller shell, but a rate of fire twice as high (up to 10rpm, against the 2S1 5rpm), a broader variety of shells and the ability of being used as a mortar.
It is described as a cheaper alternative to the 2S31 Vena.
Huh, at first I thought these pants were some in kind of Tiger-Stripe camo pattern.

Nice to see how well it blends with other patterns.
Of all the stuff and gear that is currently littering the ground in Ukraine... the amount of ASVAL is freaking ridiculous.

And knowing it is basically "free loot" for anybody willing to pick it up is... as a "gun nut"... arh!

VDV operating a BTR-ZD in Kremenaya.

Wagner PMC with a captured M4 at Paraskoviyivka
I saw a different version of this footage, consensus was they seem to have no thermal sights and were blazing away into Ukr trench/dugouts areas hoping to hit something. Spectacular but unsure if it did any good ;)

The BTR-ZD does not have thermal sight, and the BMD2 does not either, except for the latest iteration the BMD2M. And that one does not look like a 2M.

But it is likely mostly done for suppression anyway.

The 2A42 has a variable rate of fire of either 200 rounds per minute or 550 rounds per minute. However, it can go up to 800 rounds per minute once the cannon is heated up by a few seconds of firing on full auto.
That high rate of fire is invaluable during engagements with concentrations of infantry, or when attacking a well-fortified position, and it makes the 2A42 a simply irreplaceable asset during engagements with stealthy adversaries.

Even with thermal imaging sights, hitting skilled, mobile and concealed infantry hiding in bushes is hard (simply because the concealement makes it harder to spot thermal signatures). Under such circumstances, the ability to saturate likely spots and areas of interest with high-explosive cannon shells is absolutely invaluable for infantry support.

Which, incidentally, was one of the reasons why the BMP-2 and BMD-2 were much more successful in Afghanistan and Chechnya than the BMP-1 and BMD-1.
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Improvised 60mm-mortar-round RPG.


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