Crime Russian opposition figure hospitalized

Lithuanian article comparing Navalny's fantasy video with the actual situation on the ground shot by Mash channel.
Top comments from Lithuanian readers:


"Who thinks that Navalny is a western asset along with Landsbergis and Nauseda, press LIKE"
"Do you still need evidence that you're all clowns who believe that it belongs to Putin?"
"Navalny F***ed up so much with his fakes, now Delfi will have to rescue the entire swindle"
Amnesty International caving to "online mobs"?


Amnesty International is willing to defend even self admitted terrorists (in some instances, AI's actions allowed terrorists to evade justice and subsequently perpetrate deadly attacks) but, somehow, caves in front of mean comments on the internet?

Meh... sounds more like they realized Navalny was a rotten fish, stripped him of his "status" to protect their own credibility but blamed it on "Russian trolls" so to give the impression they were forced to do it.

(c) How about the war in Georgia 2008? When the entirety of the western political establishment and MSM solidified in factuality the interpretation that Russia suddenly decided to attack Georgia, but later when European investigation group clarified that it was in fact Georgia to provoke an escalation, Georgia stories became less of a topical interest for the west.

That is not correct. While it basicaly winds it's way around to blaming Georgia for escalating the conflict on August 8, the European IIFFM does not conclude at all in their report, that Georgia provoked it. It clarifies that all three parties share responsibility in that, and acknowledges that Georgia was fully justified to defend itself against the separatist attacks that were still ongoing as late as August 7. The consequent Georgian full scale offensive on August 8 is regarded as disproportionate and unjustifiable under a self-defence narrative. By the time Tskhinvali was shelled, it became a pretext. The very same report also clarifies that Russia's response was equaly unjustifiable. Neither as pretext to defend Russian citizens, nor as reinforcement and fulfilment of it's "peacekeeping" mission, and also not as self-defence. Both Russia and Georgia went far beyond admissible on-the-spot reactions, according to said report. While separatists are blamed particularily for provocations and what happened after the ceasefire.

You can read all 3 volumes here:

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