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Colour photo of HMS forth in Malta 1959

HMS Forth, pennant number A187, was a submarine depot ship
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Brave men who served in these tubs!
I would have hated it, can't stand confined spaces me :eek:

just read a bit about HMS Forth, it was converted in the fifties to service nuclear submarines
I know what you mean Pretorian, don't think I would have been happy about being in one either.

This was an interesting read, this is a paragraph from the attached link

He goes on to cite what most submariners say is what they like about life beneath the waves: the relative informality. There are, of course, distinctions between officers and ranks, but in so confined a space nothing like the rigidities of surface ships; the sense of being an elite, what one able seaman calls a "brotherhood"; the camaraderie that comes from knowing they rely entirely on each other. When a man, whether officer or rating, becomes a submariner, he is awarded a badge formed from two dolphins and a crown. The badge admits you to an exclusive club – there are around 3,500 operational submariners in the UK. It means that, in the event of an emergency, you will be a help, rather than a hindrance. Until then, in the uncompromising language of submariners, you are an "oxygen thief".
Like most of you here I would hate to be stuck a submarine, I couldn't think of many things worse.
I can see how a high level of comradeship would form though, they must have been great mates.
Looking through a pile of flash drives, I found a few submarine pics from various eras and countries.

Momsen lung testing 1930

Diagram of mine laying submarine

U-155 "Kaiser" WW1, I believe


The only caption I had for this was "1903". The name in Cyrillic is "Forel". Looks like a real "pig boat"!

Russian subs ca. WW1
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Project 1710 Макрель (Makrel), Beluga class, SSA diesel-electric submarine.

Experimental sub used for testing propulsion systems, hull forms, and boundary-layer control techniques.

Only one was built, the SSF 553 Forel.









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