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M2020 tank destroyer. Basically a BTR 80 chassis and drive train. Redesigned the front and mounted a big arsed gun on top. :oops:
Interesting vid! No sight of tactical tractors towing artillery though - maybe they've been reassigned to towing enemy machines from the battlefield! No cope cages on the tanks, either. Well, Dear Leader, Jr no doubt has a plan for that. ;)
Do you know how heavy that magazine would be on that rifle fully loaded with'll help keep the muzzle climb to a minimum for sure, good grief!
Artillery Brigade in action.

M-1974 (122mm) SPG in foreground and what appears to be BM-11 (BM-21) firing in background.
Songun-Ho based KN-25 showing off the new tank based missile carrier chassis in use by the DPRK, carries 6 600mm rockets

Pongae-5 (S-300PMU-1 copy) with Tracked Carrier. Based upon the Songun-Ho, its appearance indicates a common SPG chassis based upon it
Ghillie suit used by snipers/marksmen armed with locally produced Yugoslav M76 DMR/sniper rifle
Satellite image by Maxar on February 8th, 2023 of military parade for 75th anniversary Korean People's Army foundation at Kim Il-Sung square in Pyongyang, North Korea
First this brilliant superhero-movie:

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Then Mr. Harbisons death-punch:

February 2023 parade

Special Forces/Commandos

If you look closely, you can see that they have a pretty standard AK, and they are essentially putting a new hand guard/dust cover piece on which houses the bolt action (!) grenade launcher and butt stock, which does not appear to be collapsible. That is clearly a bolt handle and not a charging handle for a semi-automatic launcher. So they slapped on a new dust cover with some shitty grenade launcher and some absolutely ridiculous optical sight which looks like it's from 1967.
Special Forces / Commandos with bullpup Type-88 (AK-74)
MBT 2020 at Feb 8th 2023 parade.


The “APS” launchers or smoke launchers are inside the armour. Which is likely structural steel rather than composite. So, there’s a tank hidden under the shell. This likely is just a T-62 made to look “advanced”

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