Space Hubble Space Telescope, turning 25 Years

Video about preparations for the launch into space of the James Webb Space Telescope, which is to replace the Hubble in orbit.
The launch date for JWST is set for Dec 22nd from Kourou in French Guiana aboard an Ariane V rocket. Probably one of the most symbolically important launch of that platform as the JWST has been under development or construction since 20 years and there is no replacement if things go sour.

Hubble will continue to work alongside the JWST until it fails.

Sad note about Hubble is that initially, a space shuttle would have flown to pick it up once it was out of service for good to bring it back home and into a museum where everyone could see it...But there are no large platforms available anymore (unless SpaceX manages to put a starship in operation) and it will just burn in the atmosphere like an old telecom satellite that broadcasted p0rn.

Caught the JWST launch live yesterday... great to see it *finally* and successfully take flight.
Assuming it makes it to it's observation location alive and well Hubble will have some competition in the coming months.

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