Warfare HAMAS attack on Israel, October 2023

Fact checking the fact checkers...

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^---- Did I say it before?

Well, I will say it again: I'm rapidly moving towards judging people, and cultures in general, as to their relationships with dogs.
It’s not a bad metric.

Keeping their kids alive would also be a good one.

Who the hell produces a child, then says F*** it,let’s F*** around so we get bombed in 10 to 20 years time, and our kids die.

I get that they want all of Israel, but after 70 years of getting your ass kicked, someone has to suggest that ‘getting by’ might be a better idea. Many many ‘great’ nations have had to cut their cloth, of course the axis countries, but also U.K. gave up its empire, South Africa changed its political system, probably many others. Even Russia, current events withstanding.
off, but..
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So it's back to dogs killing dogs. What they need now is about ten thousand lbs of rotted pork dropped in an airlift. Dogs have always been a target of savages world wide and even eaten in many countries today.
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar׳s exclusive interview on BBC...........Parody


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Sure is horrible, but dealing with infestation of animals is neither easy nor clean.

And dogs? Well... they can be a problem and I can't imagine cities with poorly maintained infrastructures to tackle the issue in a sensible and compassionate way.
I don't want to derail the thread about this nonsense, but because it's constantly being forcibly brought to the public attention by all kind of interested parties, I'm going to briefly address the issue.

First, proportions. Or rather complete lack thereof, given the real magnitude and severity of the issue. We are talking about order of hundred "extremists" - usually very young men in late teens/early twenties - out of nearly half a million Israelis living the West Bank. Vast majority of what they do constitute petty vandalism, occasionally major vandalism and violent confrontations with local Palestinians of various intensity (more about this below), rarely bordering on- and ultimately indistinguishable from actual terrorism.

There is a dedicated Shabak department, whose whole job is dealing with Jewish extremists, using pretty much the same methods as against the Palestinian (administrative arrests, "enhanced interrogation" etc). The amount of effort and resources Shabak puts into dealing with them is mind-bogglingly disproportionate to the actual damage they do, mostly due to the international obsession with them. Just to illustrate the point - every time there is any kind of "unrest" involving settlers, there will be a phone call from the US state department with official enquiry about the issue.

The purpose of the obsessive dealing with the "settlers violence" is public perception engineering by interested parties in two main ways: neutralizing the severity/centrality of the Palestinian terrorism as "an obstacle for peace" by establishing an appearance of equivalency between both sides; creating public pressure on the Western governments to sanction Israel in various ways. The people behind this are various Palestinian/Western/local "human rights" NGOs, sponsored by EU, Arabs and individuals like Soros, working in coordination with media (everybody from Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya to CNN/BBC/etc, including local leftie news sites like Haaretz) and using Israeli court system for this kind of lawfare (one of the main motives for the recent judicial reform by Israel right).

One of the most popular themes in this kind of coverage is a "forcible displacement of Palestinian population by settlers", which sounds dramatic and horrible enough to warrant a special kind of attention from all the involved international actors (EU, US etc). In reality, the "displaced Palestinian population" in virtually all the cases (I'm not familiar with any exceptions) are Bedouins, who invade public or private lands for grazing or camping, or both. Bedouins are pastoral nomads, for whom the whole notion of land ownership basically comes down to whatever land they can capture, without being challenged by force. State of Israel is usually extremely reluctant to challenge them (even including enforcing actual court decisions), because then it's "Israel is forcibly displacing the Palestinian population" - a whole other level of international scandal. So the state de-facto leaves it to the "settler extremists" to enforce its own laws... There is a lot to elaborate about all this, but for now this will suffice.
Latest Spokesman footage from Maglan in Gaza:
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Precision strikes against AT and observation posts, also Maglan:
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They made an amazing interview on Israel TV Channel 13 with the female combat soldiers of Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, who fought against the terrorists on 7/10. I wish they put English subtitles, but unfortunately only in Hebrew for now - I'm going to leave the video below anyway. In nutshell, the girls fought (and killed) against the terrorists for hours, lost one them KIA and another wounded (also interviewed). One of them unintentionally recorded audio during the battle - a simply unbelievable calmness and level-headedness during the fight (It's after 3:00, you can hear them assessing the situation and recounting how many terrorists there are and how many of them they already killed.) Amazing amazing girls.

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10 years in jail for these kind of felonies will put things into prospective for these donkeys
Possibly. Possibly not. It depends on the individuals and the course of investigation and probably criminal prosecution.

In the past when US domestic terror organizations like the Weather Underground were brought to trial, results were mixed at best. And some of their members, whose names you may even know today, continued on to champion their positions.

What bringing prosecution did achieve was it made fringe elements of the group and associated hangers on question what they were doing. It also made fellow traveler organizations, which were actually above boards and operating legally, sever ties with bomb throwing criminals.

In this case everything probably hinges on the investigation. Did they have help? Funding? Are these three people just useful idiots who were recruited and used by somebody else? Did others, who did not help, have knowledge of the planned crime but not come forward?
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They aren't satisfied they help elect a complete moron for our white house but they are the children of other morons. Our schools are the center for brain washing today and this should be a good example of how bad it is. They teach everything except actual academics, they love to destroy historical markers, books and most recently the freedom of speech. Since it happened in a state that is lost I predict they will get very light punishment.

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